Lexicon: difficult – dilapidation

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difficult, adj. [L.] (webplay: any, bad, belief, can, cross, do, done, easy, make, men, opposed, pains, pleased, work).

  1. Strait; narrow; [fig.] exacting; absolute; strict; disciplined; (see Matthew 7:14).
  2. Taxing; demanding; rough; arduous; excruciating.
  3. Hard; severe; stiff; [fig.] not easy to maneuver; laborious to move because of rigor mortis.
  4. Strenuous; toilsome; [fig.] deep; profound; sublime; intense; exquisite.
  5. Burdensome; trying; oppressive; nostalgic; gloomy.
  6. Unthinkable; improbable; unlikely.
  7. Impossible; unattainable; unendurable; hard beyond ability.

difficult, adv. [see difficult, adj.]

Slowly; not easily; with difficulty.

diffident, adj. [L. diffīdent-em, mistrust.] (webplay: heart, our, own).

Distrustful; doubtful; timid; shy.

diffuse (-s), v. [L. diffūs-, pour out or away.] (webplay: all, will).

Spread; encompass; distribute; send in all directions.

dig (dug), v. [Fr. diguer, hollow out the ground.] (webplay: down, growing, make, means, mine, more, stone, up, well).

Excavate; shovel; form an opening in the earth; (see Genesis 21:30).

digger (-s), n. [see dig, v.] (webplay: earth, fall, man, spade, thing).

Worker; laborer; handyman that works with a shovel.

dignified, verbal adj. [OFr < med L. dignificāre, make worthy.] (webplay: all, dignity, rank).

Proper; noble; worthy; marked with honor; [fig.] solemn; sober; serious; grave; weighty.

dignity, n. [OFr < L. dignitāt-em, merit, worth.] (webplay: all, dignified, rank).

Honor; elevation; prestige; degree of excellence; (see Genesis 49:3).

dike (-s), n. [OE díc, ditch, trench.]

Dam; levee; dugout; barrier; mound of earth or stones; [fig.] shadow; bank of clouds; mist of darkness.

dilapidation (-'s, delapidation's), n. [L. dīlapidātiōn-em, squandering.] (webplay: active, decay, ruin).

Deterioration; decomposition; breakdown.