Lexicon: dancing – dapperer

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dancing, verbal adj. [see dance, v.] (webplay: leaping).

Exuberant; vivacious; twinkling; sparkling.

dandelion (-s, -'s), n. [Fr. dent de lion < med. L. dens leonis, lion's tooth (from the toothed outline of the leaves).] (webplay: flower, one).

Golden meadow flower of the genus Taraxacum; common weed with a sunny yellow flower and a soft globe-shaped seedpod.

Dane (-s), n. [OE.]

Viking; Norseman; Scandinavian; person of Denmark; native speaker of a North Germanic dialect rather than English.

danger (-s), n. [OFr dangier < L. dominus, lord, master.] (webplay: death, easy, fire, peril, power, time).

Hazard; risk of harm; in jeopardy; (see Mark 3:29).

dangerous, adj. [AF.; see danger, n.]

Hazardous; risky; perilous; unsafe; full of danger; (see Acts 27:9).

dangerously, adv. [see dangerous, adj.]

Perilously; hazardously; in a manner causing danger.

dangle (-d, dangling, -s), v. [Da. < Icel. dingla, to dangle.]

Hang; swing; sway.

Daniel, proper n. [Heb. 'God is my judge'; see Boone, Daniel, proper n.]

Dante, proper n. [It. Durante, steadfast, enduring, lasting.]

Dante Alighieri (1265-1321); Italian poet best known for his Divine Comedy; (see ED letters).

dapperer, adj. [comparative form; Middle Dutch, 'powerful, strong, stout, energetic, valiant, brave, bold'.] (webplay: little).

Neat; trim; smart in appearance.