Lexicon: dilemma – diminution

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dilemma, n. [L. < Gk. δίλημμα, double proposition.] (webplay: when).

Predicament; argument; difficult or doubtful choice.

diligence, n. [Fr.; see diligent, adv.] (webplay: before, every, industry, sure, thing, thou, without).

Industry; sustained effort; steady application of business; (see Proverbs 4:23).

diligent, adv. [Fr. < L. dīligent-em, attentive, assiduous, careful.] (webplay: man, seest).

Studious; perseverant; careful; meticulous; constant effort; (see Joshua 22:5).

dilute, v. [L. dīlūt-, weak, thin.]

Reduce; weaken; lessen.

dim, adj. [OE, 'dim, obscure, dark'.] (webplay: close, each, eyes, face, grow, having, old, powers, seeing, somewhat, understanding).

  1. Blurry; hidden; occluded; obstructed from sight; blocked from view; hard to see due to distance.
  2. Far; distant; removed; remote from ordinary life; [fig.] solemn; ethereal.
  3. Dull; not bright; lacking light; (see Genesis 27:1).
  4. Dusky; murky; somewhat dark; [fig.] partially forgotten; vaguely remembered.
  5. Wet; cloudy; misty; tear-filled.
  6. Weak; faint; fallible; thin-skinned; [fig.] jealous.
  7. Illegible; unreadable; vague; indefinite; [fig.] forgettable; foregone; in the past.
  8. Secret; shadowy; unspoken; not revealed.
  9. Forgiven; forgotten; no longer relevant.
  10. Shadowy; veiled; somewhat concealed; somewhat unknown.
  11. Unseen; undiscovered; undetected; [fig.] unusual; unexpected.
  12. Tentative; hesitant; cautious; timid; provisional.
  13. Undetectable; not yet recognized.

dim, v. [see dim, adj.] (webplay: eyes, having).

Dull; obscure; becloud.

dimension (-s), n. [Fr. < L. dīmetīrī, measure.]

Measurement; quantity; magnitude; whole space.

diminished, verbal adj. [Fr. diminuer, make smaller, reduce in size.] (webplay: small).

Lessened; shrunken; decreased; insignificant.

diminuet, n. [L. di + minuo, lessen.]

Decrescendo; decline; diminution; diminuendo; reduction; gradual decrease in volume; [fig.] relenting; growing quieter; yielding to death; [word play on “minuet”] ceasing to dance; giving up the majestic movement of life.

diminution, n. [AFr < L. dīminuere, lessen.]

  1. Lessening; waning; minimizing; reduction of size; decrease in the apparent diameter of a receding body; [fig.] annulment; repeal; abrogation; legal reversal.
  2. Devaluation; discredit; degradation; belittling; diminishing significance; loss of dignity; lowering of status.