Lexicon: directly – disappointment

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directly, adv. [see direct, adj.] (webplay: eye, light, motion, place, road, signs, straight).

  1. Squarely; exactly; accurately; (see Numbers 19:4).
  2. Openly; expressly; straightforwardly; outspokenly.
  3. Straightway; immediately; without delay; (see Ezekiel 42:12).

dirge, n. [first word of the Latin antiphon Dirige, Domine, Deus meus, in conspectu tuo viam meam 'Direct, O Lord, my God, my way in thy sight'; see Psalm 5:8.]

Funeral speech; expression of grief; sorrowful address; mourning.

dirk (-s), n. [origin unknown.] (webplay: stab).

  1. Wound; stab; laceration.
  2. Dagger; knife; small sword.

dirt, n. [ME.]

Earth; mud; soil; humus; ground; [fig.] grave.

dirty, adj. [see dirt, n.]

Soiled; grimy; grubby; in need of washing; [fig.] boyish; awkward; unpolished.

disappear (-ed, -s), v. [Fr.; see appear, v.] (webplay: setting, sight, sun, thing, view, withdraw).

  1. Vanish; fade; recede; depart.
  2. Cease; end; expire.

disappoint, v. [Fr.] (webplay: prove, wish).

Frustrate; let down; dissatisfy; defeat expectation.

disappointed, verbal adj. [see disappoint, v.] (webplay: man, save, without).

Defeated; frustrated; dishearten.

disappointing, adj. [see disappoint, v.]

Disheartening; depressing; frustrating.

disappointment, n. [see disappoint, v.] (webplay: hope).

Defeat; failure; regret.