Lexicon: disapprove – discernible

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disapprove (-s), v. [OFr.]

Dislike; condemn; censure.

disarm (-s), v. [ME.] (webplay: death, thing).

Weaken; take away strength.

disaster, n. [Fr. désastre, disaster, misfortune, calamity; des- dis- + astre star, destiny, fate.]

Misfortune; mishap; calamity; any unfortunate event.

disavow (-s), v. [Fr.] (webplay: man, one's).

Deny; disown; refuse; decline.

disband, v. [Fr.]

Dissolve; dismiss; break up.

disburse, v. [OFr.]

Give out; distribute; deal; dispense.

disc (-s, disk), n. [L. < Gk δίσκος, quoit, disk, dish.] (webplay: face, stone, sun).

  1. Field; realm; domain; surface; arena; sphere; bowl; basin; [metaphor] blanket; covering; [fig.] flake; hexahedron; six-point star.
  2. Face; countenance; visage; [fig.] headstone; tomb monument; grave marker.
  3. Oval; ellipse; globe; orb; world; circular appearance of the sun; round breadth of a heavenly body.
  4. Circuit; orbit; circular course; compass curve; [fig.] wheel; vehicle; path traveled by an object in a higher realm in Ptolemaic and early-Christian astronomy.
  5. Cycle; circumference; life span; [fig.] infinity; eternity; measurelessness; eternal round.
  6. Circle; ring shape; hoop-like form; seemingly flat round surface; [fig.] dome; firmament; vault of heaven.
  7. Shield; buckler; metal screen; circular combat instrument with insignia; [fig.] protection; security; indemnity; defense; explanation; alibi; vindication; refutation; excuse; justification.

discard (discarded), v. [OFr.] (webplay: away, old, see, service).

  1. Reject; refuse; thrust away.
  2. Throw out; scrap; dispose.

discern (discerned, -s), v. [Fr. < L. discern-ere, separate, determine.] (webplay: between, heart, man, see, sharp-sighted, things, time).

  1. Distinguish; differentiate; discriminate; (see Genesis 38:25).
  2. See; glimpse; spy; (see Matthew 16:3).
  3. Discover; detect; know.

discernible, verbal adj. [see discern, v.] (webplay: between, see).

Detectable; noticeable; understandable.