Lexicon: discerning – discount

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discerning, verbal adj. [see discern, v.] (webplay: eye, man, truth, what).

Glimpsing; perceiving; distinguishable.

disciple, n. [OE < L. discipul-us, learner, pupil.] (webplay: called).

Follower; supporter; partisan; adherent to the doctrines of another, especially of Jesus Christ; (see Matthew 5:1).

discipline, n. [Fr. < L. discipl─źna, instruction of disciples, tuition; see disciple, n.] (webplay: another).

  1. Control; subordination.
  2. Punishment; correction.
  3. Teaching; training; education.
  4. Regulation; subjection to laws, rules, order, precepts.

disclose (-d, disclosing, -s), v. [ME < OFr desclore, unclose, open, free.] (webplay: close, events, known, lay, light, make, manner, open, reveal, sand, secret, show, sun, thoughts, utter, view).

  1. Reveal; display; make known; bring to light.
  2. Uncover; show; expose; open to view; (see Isaiah 26:21).

discloser, n. [see disclose, v.]

One who reveals or exposes.

disclosure, n. [see disclose, v.]

Revelation; exposure.

discomfit, n. [ME < late pop. L. disconficere, frame, accomplish, complete, finish, destroy, consume.]

Defeat; overthrow; alienation; estrangement; loss; dispersion.

discontent, n. [dis- + content; see content, adj.]

Longing; dissatisfaction; hunger; inquietude of mind; enduring sorrow.

discord, n. [ME.]

Disagreement; variance; opposition; contention; strife; dispute; emotional dissonance; absence of harmony.

discount, n. [Fr.] (webplay: price, terms).

Deduction; abatement, reduction, break.