Lexicon: discourage – disdain

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discourage, v. [OFr; dis- + courage; see courage, n.]

Dishearten; defect; depress the spirits; lose confidence; lack of moral energy; (see Numbers 32:7).

discouraged, verbal adj. [see discourage, v.]

Disheartened; depressed in spirits; dejected; (see Numbers 21:4).

discouragement, n. [see discourage, v.]

Depression; dismantling of courage; detour from an undertaking.

discourse, v. [Fr. < L. discurs-us, running to and fro.] (webplay: companies, nature, party, passes, pleased).

  1. Chat; talk; verbalize; speak together; enjoy conversation.
  2. Converse; confide; discuss matters; communicate thoughts; share ideas privately.

discover (-ed), v. [OFr; dis- + cover; see cover, v.] (webplay: hand, known).

  1. Reveal; disclose; make known; divulge; (see 1 Samuel 14:8).
  2. Espy; observe; have the first sight; obtain first-time knowledge; (see 2 Samuel 22:16).
  3. Find; detect; observe; realize; uncover; (see Job 12:22).
  4. Experience; encounter.

discovery, n. [see discover, v.] (webplay: detecting, finding, first). Espying; encountering; trying to obtain something hidden

  1. Detection; breakthrough; uncovering.
  2. Arrival at a specified destination; acquisition of a sought-after treasure.
  3. Finding; recognition; realization; revelation.

discreet, adj. [ME < L. 'separate', 'divide'.]

  1. Prudent; sensible; cautious.
  2. Reserved; restrained; polite; civil; circumspect.
  3. Secret; private; undisclosed.

discreetly, adv. [see discreet, adj.]

Wisely; rightly; factually; effectually; accurately; correctly; [fig.] poetically; metaphorically; symbolically; (see Mark 12:34).

discretion, n. [OFr discrecion, distinction.]

Discernment; ability to perceive; sound judgment; appreciation for pleasant music; (see Psalms 112:5).

disdain, n. [ME; see disdain, v.] (webplay: care, ignoble, man, soul).

Scorn; contempt; indignation; offense.