Lexicon: disdain – disheveled

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disdain (-ed, -ing), v. [ME < L. dēdignāre, reject as unworthy.] (webplay: dishonorable, man, look).

  1. Scorn; ignore; spurn; turn away from; deny the necessity of.
  2. Deter; hinder; restrain; (see Job 30:1).

disdainful, adj. [see disdain, v.]

Proud; overbearing; haughty.

disease, n. [ME; dis- + ease; see ease, n.] (webplay: action, cure).

  1. Discomfort; distress; annoyance; grievance.
  2. Illness; infection; sickness; infirmity; complaint; disorder; affliction; (see Exodus 15:26).

disembody (disembodies), v. [OE; see embody, v.]

Separate; divide; detach; sever; disjoin; deliver; free.

disenchant (-s), v. [Fr.; dis- + enchant; see enchant, v.]

Set free; dispel; disperse; remove from illusion or enchantment; deliver from the power of charms or spells.

disenthrall, v. [OE; see enthrall, v.]

Liberate; free; emancipate from bondage or servitude; rescue from oppression; weaken commitment; destroy belief.

disgrace, n. [Fr. disgrâce, ill-fortune, mishap, uncomeliness, deformity; see grace, n.] (webplay: men, shame).

Disesteem; disfavor; shame; dishonor.

disgrace, v. [Fr.; see disgrace, n.] (webplay: foul, men).

Humiliate; shame; remove the honor from; (see Jeremiah 14:21).

dishevel (-s), v. [see dishevelved, adj.]

Disturb; agitate; upset; unsettle; displace; cause disorder.

disheveled, verbal adj. [OFr < It. discapigliare, disordering one's head or hairs.]

Unkept; untidy; disordered; ruffled; hanging loosely.