Lexicon: dishonor – disobey

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dishonor, n. [OFr; dis- + honor; see honor, n.] (webplay: character).

  1. Baseness; lowly estate; [fig.] sin; [metaphor] mortality; human form; physical embodiment.
  2. Humility; condescension; sacrifice; [fig.] glory; disgrace with men, but honor with God.
  3. Reproach; ignominy; shame; stained name; violation of respect; loss of status; blemish in reputation; failure of a person.

dishonor, v. [OFr; see honor, n.]

Discredit; disregard; misapply; misunderstand; misuse; ignore; invalidate; fail to appreciate; show a lack of respect for; treat in a degrading manner.

dishonored, verbal adj. [see dishonor, v.]

Abandoned; forgotten; ignored; neglected; not remembered; treated with disrespect; [fig.] lowly; humble.

disintegrate (-s), v. [L. dis- + intigrate < integrāre, make whole.]

Retrograde; sink; decline; decompose; break down; separate into component parts.

disk, n. [see disc, n.]

dislocate, v. [med. L. dislocāre, put out of place.] (webplay: socket).

Disjoint; agitate; displace.

dismay, n. [OFr < Sp. desmayo, swoon, dismay.] (webplay: fear, mind).

Fall; depression; dejection; hopelessness; loss of courage or resolution; a sinking of the spirits.

dismiss, v. [L. dīmiss, send away.]

Ignore; disperse; scatter; disregard; dispense with; send away; bar from attention; cease to entertain; cause to depart; (see Acts 15:30).

disobedience, n. [OFr; see obey, v.] (webplay: heavenly).

Insubordination; neglect; refusal to obey; violation of a command; omission; (see Romans 5:19).

disobey, v. [Fr. désobéir; dis- + obey; see obey, v.]

Fail to obey; neglect; refuse to obey; omit; violate; transgress; refuse to do what is commanded; (see 1 Kings 13:21).