Lexicon: disown – disposer

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disown (-ed), v. [dis- + own; see own, v.]

Deny; disallow; abandon; refuse to acknowledge.

disparage, v. [OFr desparagier, match or marry unequally.]

  1. Injure; dishonor by a comparison of greater value.
  2. Undervalue; degrade; debase; treat with contempt; lower in rank.

disparagement, n. [ME < OFr desparagement, unworthy marriage.] (webplay: sun).

Diminution; devaluation; depreciation; injury by comparison.

disparity, n. [Fr. disparité; dis- + parity < L. paritās, equality.] (webplay: difference).

Incongruity; irony; irregularity; dissimilarity; difference in degree.

dispel (-led, -s), v. [L. dispell-ěre, drive asunder, scatter.] (webplay: fears).

Dissipate; eliminate; dismiss.

disperse (-s), v. [Fr. < L. dispergěre.] (webplay: cloud, scatter).

  1. Disappear; [fig.] melt.
  2. Diffuse; scatter; (see 2 Chronicles 11:23).

display, n. [see display, v.]

Presentation; production; spectacle.

display (-ed, -s), v. [OFr < L. displicāre, scatter, disperse, unfold.] (webplay: mind, show, simple).

Show; manifest; exhibit; (see Psalms 60:4).

dispose (-d), v. [OFr dispose-r < L. dis- + poser, place or lay down.] (webplay: king, state).

Incline; command; prepare; ordain; (see Job 37:15).

disposer (-s), n. [see dispose, v.]

Director; manager; distributer.