Lexicon: dappled – date

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dappled, adj. [poss. connected with Icelandic depill, spot, dot < Norw. depel, muddy pool.] (webplay: spotted).

  1. Dotted, spotted; speckled.
  2. Stained; tarnished; ruined.

dare (-d, daring, -s), v. [OE durran.] (webplay: afraid, all, ask, become, bird, bold, do, flee, go, looking-glass, mad, man, mind, thing, thou, time, tremble, unjust, venture, want, youth).

  1. Try; assay; endeavor; make an attempt; (see John 15:16).
  2. Risk (to); have courage (to); have boldness (to); to not be afraid; (see Job 41:10).
  3. Jeopardize; risk being wrong (see Romans 15:18).
  4. Risk rejection; chance failure.
  5. Think; imagine; want; be able; (see 2 Corinthians 10:12).
  6. Challenge; provoke; tempt fate; (see Romans 5:7).
  7. Venture, be audacious; be adventurous; (1 Corinthians 6:1).
  8. Presume; take initiative.
  9. Want; need.
  10. Could; venture; have courage; fearlessly attempt; be bold enough; [pejoration] be so thoughtless as to.
  11. Thinking to; wanting to; needing to.

daring, adj. [see dare, v.] (webplay: heaven-daring).

Fearless; dauntless; courageous; bold.

dark (-er), adj. [OE deorc < OHG. tarchanjan, conceal, hide.] (webplay: black, blind, fire, heart, obscure, opposite, saying, time, ways, white).

  1. Shut; closed; obscure; shuttered; without light; having no sign of movement; [fig.] empty; vacant; lifeless; inaccessible; unresponsive; unreceptive; excluding; no longer welcoming.
  2. Lonely; frightening; terrifying; (see Psalms 74:20).
  3. Secretive; concealed; veiled; (Psalms 78:2).
  4. Unilluminated; devoid of light; [fig.] seemingly hopeless (see Job 3:9).
  5. Somber; muted; subdued; not brightly-colored; (see Proverbs 7:9).
  6. Grim; melancholy; depressing; [fig.] sad; sorrowful; mournful; funereal; (see Lamentations 3:6).
  7. Black; brown-hued; humus-colored; (see Leviticus 13:56); [fig.] mortal; earthly; material; temporal; worldly.
  8. Eclipsed; overcast; cloudy; gloomy; (see Job 22:13).
  9. Callous; unfeeling; cold; hardened; without emotion; [fig.] evil; malignant; (see Daniel 8:23).

dark, n. [see dark, adj.] (webplay: blazes, chalk, cheerful, concealed, darkness, easily, every, explained, hear, heavenly, ignorance, keeping, known, learning, light, obscure, saying, spark, unknown, ways, vision).

  1. Gravity; somberness; dimness; shade; shadowy place; [fig.] mortality; earthly life.
  2. Nighttime; non-daylight hours; time when people usually are asleep; [fig.] time of faith rather than sure knowledge.
  3. Underground; below the surface of the earth; [fig.] seclusion; privacy; hiding place; spot that no one else can see.
  4. Tempest; bad weather; cloudy condition; nocturnal sky that hampers visibility.
  5. Vacancy; void; emptiness; solitude; anonymity.
  6. Absence of light; place without illumination; (see Genesis 15:17).
  7. Obscurity; lack of firsthand experience; (see Psalms 88:12).
  8. Time before dawn; period before morning; hours before sunrise; spare time for reading poetry; [fig.] mystery; enigma; riddle; conundrum; other world.
  9. Night; nightfall; evening; (see Joshua 2:5); [fig.] unknown; uncertainty of mortal life.
  10. Sorrow; grief; heartache; sadness.
  11. Prison; danger; haunted place; unsafe location.
  12. Gloom; loneliness; isolation [fig.] fear of death.
  13. Separation; goodbye; adieu; farewell; resignation at parting.
  14. Thunderstorm; [fig.] unenlightened state; (see Job 12:25).

darkness (-es), n. [see dark, adj.] (webplay: day, face, light, place, trouble).

  1. Murkiness; cloud cover; [fig.] uncertainty; doubt; stupor; confusion in the mind; (see Deuteronomy 28:29).
  2. Blackness; absence of light; [fig.] blindness; ignorance; lack of vision; inability to understand; (see Genesis 1:2).
  3. Dusk; evening; nightfall.
  4. Trouble; tribulation; agony; distress; sorrow; (see Genesis 15:12).
  5. Dusk; nighttime, nightfall; evening; twilight; (see Genesis 1:5).
  6. Hiding place; private place; clandestine location; (see Job 20:26); [fig.] afterlife; hereafter; paradise; spirit world; promised land of the next life.

darling (-s), n. [OE; see dear, n.] (webplay: favorite, tenderness).

Loved one; favorite friend; companion; (see Psalms 35:17).

dart, n. [OFr.] (webplay: hand, shot).

  1. Dagger; pointed missile; piercing weapon; small penetrating piece of metal; (see Job 41:26).
  2. Pain; wound; [fig.] grief; heartache; heartbreak.
  3. Point; arrow; [fig.] love; affection; keen desire; special feeling for someone; influence of the demigod Cupid.

darting, verbal adj. [see dart, n.]

Sharp; acute; keen; [fig.] surprising; suddenly shifting; abruptly changing.

date (-s), n1. [OFr < Gk. δάκτυλος, finger.]

Fruit of the date-palm; sweet brown oblong fruit of Asia and Africa.