Lexicon: distant – distrustful

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distant, n. [see distant, adj.]

Remote people; ones in a different location; [fig.] dead persons; deceased ones; translated beings; saints and angels in the next life.

distil (-s, distilled, distills), v. [L. distillāre, drip or trickle down.] (webplay: dissolve, suns).

  1. Concentrate; purify; extract the quintessence.
  2. Extract; obtain; produce; evaporate; condescend; (see Job 36:28).
  3. Fall; condense; mist; (see Deuteronomy 32:2).

distinct (-er), adj. [L. distinct-us, divide, distinguish.] (webplay: known, name, object, place, sign).

  1. Different; unique; separate.
  2. Clear; not confused; understandable.

distinction, n. [Fr. < L. distinguere, distinguish.]

  1. Difference; discrepancy; separation; (see 1 Corinthians 14:7).
  2. Discernment; judgment; prominence; eminence.

distinctly, adv. [OFr destincter, distinguish.] (webplay: spirit).

  1. Clearly; plainly; translucently; in focus.
  2. Definitely; unequivocally; without a doubt.
  3. Perceptibly; audibly; with precise pronunciation; with careful articulation (see Nehemiah 8:8); [fig.] specifically; in a special manner; [word play on “with distinction”] honorably; nobly; with divinity; with unique superior properties.

distinctness, n. [see distinctly, adv.] (webplay: division).

Clarity; perceptibility; difference.

distinguish, v. [Fr. distinguer.]

Ascertain; differentiate; understand.

distinguished, verbal adj. [see distinguish, v.]

Distinction; different; unique; honored; celebrated.

distract (-s), v. [L. distrahĕre.] (webplay: eye, separate).

Divert; draws attention away from; throws into confusion; disorder; render insane.

distrustful, adj. [dis- + trust + ful; see trust, n.]

Doubting; reluctant; modest; diffident; lacking faith.