Lexicon: divert – divinely

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divert (-s), v. [OFr < L. dvergere, turn in different directions, turn out of the way.]

Shift; avert; reroute; entertain the attention of.

divest (-ed), v. [OFr.]

Deprive; expose; strip something of its freedom, privilege, identity.

divested, verbal adj. [see divest, v.]

Stripped; laid bare; exposed; [fig.] made truthful.

divide, v. [ME < L. dīvidere, force asunder, apportion, distribute, remove.]

  1. Cleave; detach; segment; break up into distinct portions; (see Genesis 1:4).
  2. Alienate; separate; disjoin; create conflict; distance in opinion or in a relationship; (see Genesis 10:5).

divided, verbal adj. [see divide, v.]

Separated; alienated; departed; estranged; (see Genesis 10:25).

dividend, n. [Fr. < L. dīvidend-um, thing divided.]

Award; prize; earning; rightfully-owned portion; payment from invested labor and time.

divine (-st), adj. [see divine, n.]

  1. Heavenly; godlike; ecclesiastical; (see Hebrews 9:1).
  2. Godly; higher; sacred; increase of heavenly state; (see 2 Peter 1:3).
  3. Best; greatest; sublime; (see Proverbs 16:10).
  4. Supernatural; immortal significance; (see Ezekiel 13:23).

divine, n. [ME < L. dīvīnus, pertaining to a deity.]

Gods; ecclesiastics; deity; spiritual people; theologians.

divine, v. [Fr. devine-r, wish, signify, prophesy.]

Understand; minister; preach; foretell; (see Genesis 44:15).

divinely, adv. [see divine, n.]

Holy; supremely; excellently; godlike way.