Lexicon: divinity – do

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divinity, n. [ME < L. dīvīnitāt-em, godhead, divination, excellence.]

  1. Godhood; deity; godlike being.
  2. Divine nature; godlike qualities.
  3. Grace; mercy; perfect understanding.

division (-s), n. [ME.]

  1. Disruption; parting; putting asunder; [fig.] death; separation of body and spirit; (see Exodus 8:23).
  2. Alienation; disaffection; estrangement; separation; divorce.
  3. Section; area; region; quarter; distinct part; geographic orientation; land in each compass direction.

divorce (-d), n. [Fr. < L. dīvortiu-m, separation, dissolution of marriage by consent.]

Separation; disunion; division; release; disengagement; detachment; partition; split up; break up; dissolving of a marriage contract; (see Jeremiah 3:8).

divorce (-d), v. [see divorce, n.] (webplay: cause).

Phrase. “Thy Batteries divorce”: if your opposing forces disengage; [fig.] when the body and the spirit separate in death; [noun phrase] the disengagement of your opposing forces; the separation of your body and spirit in death.

divorce (-d), verbal adj. [see divorce, n.]

Omitted; excepted; missing; not present; left out; not attached; [phrase: “with the Bells divorced”] except for the sound of bells; but without the ringing of church bells.

divulge (divulging), v. [L. dīvulgā-re, spread abroad among the people, make common, publish.]

Reveal; proclaim; expose.

divulgeless, adj. [see divulge, v.]

Quiet; hushed; giving no information.

dizzy, adj. [OE dysig, foolish, stupid.]

  1. Unstable; unguarded; caught off-balance.
  2. Quick; speedy; rapid.
  3. Lighthearted; whirling; giddy.

Dnieper, proper n. [Scythian dan, river + apris, northern, upper.]

River in eastern Europe; waterway that flows south through the Ukraine and empties into the Black Sea; [fig.] river rapids.

do (did, didn't, did'nt, didst, did'st, does, doesn't, doing, done, dont, don't, dost), v. [OE.] (webplay: answer, come, conclusion, day, deal, death, duke, dull, fellow, God, help, king, last, love, make, man, message, put, road, time, truth).

  1. [Periphrastic auxiliary providing an unaccented syllable for metrical verse structure; “do seek” = 'seek'.]
  2. [Lexical verb, transitive] choose; decide with regard to.
  3. [Lexical verb with noun object] make; cause; create; bring about.
  4. [Lexical verb, intransitive] accomplish; attain; achieve; use time for.
  5. [Lexical verb] fulfil; complete; (see John 4:34).
  6. [Tag verb with ellipsis referring back to a main verb form; “does” = “does exhibit” or “exhibits”.]
  7. [Auxiliary form for negation of the main verb; “do not need” = “need not”.]
  8. [Lexical verb] act; behave.
  9. [Implied conditional; “do I smile” = “if I do smile”.]
  10. [Interrogative marker for yes/no questions.]
  11. [Lexical verb] perform; execute; carry into effect.
  12. [Idiomatic with future auxiliary] suffice; be adequate; suit the purpose.
  13. Phrase. “do over”: reenact; relive; [fig.] recall; remember.