Lexicon: doll – dominion

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doll (-s), n. [shortened pet-form of Dorothy, Dor- being modified to Dol-.] (webplay: child, little girl).

  1. Little one; delicate creature; child-like thing; [fig.] fragile plant; dainty flower.
  2. Toy; small human-shaped form that children play with; [fig.] small likeness; image of one's self.

dollar (-s), n. [ME daler.]

Buck; one hundred pennies; twenty nickels; ten dimes; four quarters; small amount of money; lowest denomination of paper currency in the United States of America.

Dollie ('s), proper n. [clipping of Dorothy, 'gift of God' < Gk dōron, 'gift' + theos, 'god'; see doll, n. and ED's letters.]

Nickname for Susan H. Gilbert; wife of Austin Dickinson; ED's dear friend, poetic mentor, next door neighbor, and sister-in-law; [fig.] comfort; company of another.

domain (-s), n. [mod Fr. < L. dominucus, of or belonging to a lord, private property.]

  1. Empire; dominion; territory; compensation for the dead; sovereignty of the dead over his estate.
  2. Area; realm; enclosed place to hide one's personal items.
  3. Possessions; ownership; something one has control over.

dome, n. [L. dom-us, house, home; It. duomo, house of God.] (webplay: hemisphere, house).

  1. Cupola; spherical roof; ornate rounded ceiling; [fig.] sky; firmament; infinite expanse of the heavens.
  2. Chapel; cathedral; chancel; sanctuary; choir loft; church building; place for divine worship.
  3. Pate; poll; crown; top of the head.
  4. Home; abode; domicile; shelter; [fig.] cocoon.

Domenichino, proper n. [It.< Fr. Dominique < L. dominus, 'lord', 'master'.]

Domenico Zampieri (1581-1641); famous artist; Italian painter of frescoes.

Domingo, proper n. [see St Domingo, proper n. and ED letters.]

dominie (-s), n. [L. domin-us, lord, master.]

Instructor; teacher; educator; headmaster; school official; [word play on “Dominican”] monk; friar; pastor; shepherd of a congregation; [fig.] empire; kingdom; dominion; sacred place.

Dominies (Domini's), adj. [see Anno Dominies, proper n.]

dominion (-s), n. [L. dominium, property, ownership < L. domin-us, lord.] (webplay: possession, power, prince, sovereign, state).

  1. Territory; property; ownership; region in control; (see 1 Kings 4:24).
  2. Servant; slave; person governed.
  3. Power; royal authority; right of governing; privilege of controlling; possession of sovereignty, properties, or spiritual wealth; (see Genesis 1:26).
  4. Existence; the world.
  5. Predominance; prevailing force; (see Genesis 27:40).
  6. Glory; fame; reputation that could disappear instantly.