Lexicon: Don – door

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Don, proper n. [Sarmatic dan or don, river; prob. < Avestan dānu, river, water.]

Ukranian river; waterway that flows into the Sea of Azof; watercourse in the southeastern part of Europe; [fig.] tributaries to a river.

don, v. [contraction; see do and on.] (webplay: own).

Invest; endow; put on; dress oneself; adorn oneself with; [fig.] worship; glorify; enjoy; bask in; delight because of.

done, v. [past participle form; see do, v.]

  1. [Passive construction] gone; departed; discontinued; finished for the time being; (see Genesis 3:13).
  2. [Lexical verb] finished; closed; made an end of something.
  3. [Passive construction] accomplished; achieved; fulfilled; (see Matthew 6:10 “thy will be done”).
  4. [Past perfect participle form] quit; stopped; ceased; discontinued; (see Genesis 27:19).

done, verbal adj. [past participle form; see do, v.]

  1. Completed; concluded; finished; carried out; (see Leviticus 18:27).
  2. Over; through; sufficient; good enough.

dont (don't), v. [contraction form; see do, v. and not, adv.]

  1. Do not; [auxiliary for a negated action.]
  2. Doesn't; does not; [colloquial auxiliary for a negated action in the third person.]
  3. Phrase. “dont you know”: do you not know? [negated question for affirmative emphasis] surely you know; certainly you do know.

don't, v. [see dont, v.]

doom (-s, -'s, -ed), n. [OE dóm < old Germanic dômo-z, statute, ordinance; see do, v.] (webplay: destine, fate, future, penalty, suffer).

  1. Condemned; damned; destined to death.
  2. Fate; death; tomb; life of sufferings; end; determination affecting the outcome.
  3. Ruin; destruction; death; final fate.
  4. Finals days; last judgement; doomsday.

doom (-ed), v. [see doom, n.] (webplay: sentence).

  1. Damn; condemn to death.
  2. Condemn; punishment; destined to adverse fate.

Doon, proper n. [possibly a variant of do, v., meaning 'deed, action, feat'; see Bonnie Doon, proper n.]

door (-s), n. [OE duru.] (webplay: abroad, apartment, approach, building, chargeable, closes, enter, forgiving, gate, hinges, home, house, imputable, lie, Lord, man, next, opening, passage, room, saved, shuts, turning).

  1. Entrance; [metonymy] house; home; habitation; location; dwelling place.
  2. Ingress; means of approach; place of greeting; position of invitation; point of identification; [fig.] place of accounting; bar of judgement; checkpoint one must pass before moving into a place; [phrase “door of God”] entrance to heaven.
  3. Portal; [fig.] headstone; grave marker; [metonymy] burial place.
  4. Access point; [synecdoche] institution; building; estate; mansion.
  5. Welcome gate; secure entrance post.
  6. Garden gate; [fig.] portal to paradise; entrance to Eden; (see John 10:9).
  7. Veil; set of curtains; temple courtyard entrance; passage into the sanctuary; [fig.] portal into the presence of the Lord; (see Psalms 24:9).
  8. House entryway.
  9. Obstacle; protection; barrier prohibiting entry; (see 2 Kings 4:33); [fig.] grave; casket; tomb.
  10. Floral head; orifice of a bloom; aperture of petals; opening to the pollen-bearing parts of a blossom; [fig.] maidenhead.
  11. Welcome; access to communication; opportunity for a relationship.
  12. Entry; flat rectangular piece of architecture for entering and exiting a home; wooden board that encases the entrance to a building; panel that rotates with hinges on one side of an opening; (see Genesis 19:6).
  13. Boundary; edge; limit; veil; curtain; (see Deuteronomy 15:17); [fig.] death; funeral pall.
  14. Opening to a bedroom; (see Genesis 6:16).
  15. Possibility; chance; opportunity; (see 2 Corinthians 2:12).
  16. Grave; tomb; coffin lid; (see Mark 16:3).
  17. Phrase. “Purple Door”: night time; period of sleep; [kenning] dream world.