Lexicon: dormant – doublet

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dormant, a. [OFr < L. dormīre, sleep.]

Hibernating; asleep; quiet; at rest; not in action.

dost, v. [see do, v.] (webplay: come, death, haste, last, love, made, nothing, still, what).

Act; perform; strong second person singular form of the verb do; (see Genesis 32:29).

dot (-s), n. [OE dott, head of a boil.]

Small point; freckle; fleck; spot of a different color.

dot, v. [see dot, n.] (webplay: small, spot).

  1. Mark; cover; decorate with dots.
  2. Scatter; disperse; sprinkle.

dote (-s), v. [early ME doten; corresponds to MDu. doten, crazy, silly.] (webplay: lonely, vainly).

Bestow; express excessive or foolish fondness or love; (see Ezekiel 23:5).

doth, v. [see do, v.]

Perform; act; make; strong third person singular form of the verb do; (see Genesis 3:5).

dotted, adj. [see dot, n.]

Freckled; speckled; decorated with dots.

double, adj. [ME < L. duplu-s, twice as much.]

Duplicate; twofold; twice as much; (see Genesis 43:12).

double, n. [see double, adj.] (webplay: one).

Duplicate; two; twofold; (see Exodus 22:9).

doublet, n. [Fr. 'something folded, furred coat'.]

Cloak; coat; sleeveless garment for men.