Lexicon: date – daylight

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date (-s), n2. [Fr. < L. datus, given.] (webplay: contracts, day, done, note, rights, time).

  1. Record; testament; confirmation; proof.
  2. Day on a calendar; time when an event will take place; particular time on a day of the month in a year.
  3. Moment; instance; past occurrence; prior experience; [fig.] memory; recollection.
  4. Origin; beginning; commencement; time when something first happened.
  5. Inception; onset; starting point.
  6. Twenty-four hour period; specific sequential day.
  7. Chronology; sense of time passing; [fig.] finitude; mortality.
  8. Appointment; assigned time; expected arrival.
  9. Term; duration; continuance; period of time.
  10. Tombstone data; [metonymy] descendant; posterity; people with future death-day headstone inscriptions.
  11. Engagement; tryst; rendevous; reunion; prearranged meeting.

date (-d, dating), v. [see date, n2.] (webplay: day, place).

  1. Assign a time to; make a reference to; fix a point with regard to.
  2. Determine the starting time of; note the beginning of.
  3. Inscribe; number; consider; enroll.
  4. Appoint; declare; dedicate; consecrate.

dateless, adj. [see date, n2.] (webplay: term).

  1. Timeless; classic; consistently fashionable; never out of style.
  2. Eternal; everlasting; perpetual; immortal.
  3. Ancient; primordial; ageless; age-old; having no fixed term.

daughter (-s), n. [OE dohtor < Skr. duh-, to milk.]

  1. Female offspring; child; descendant; (see Genesis 11:29); [fig.] genealogy of an inanimate object.
  2. Phrase. “Cato's daughter”: Portia; wife of Brutus; direct quote from Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar 2.1.295; [fig.] Emily Dickinson; daughter of Edward Dickinson.

dauntless, adj. [OFr dante-r < L. domāre, tame, subdue.] (webplay: fearless).

Bold; courageous; fearless; unafraid.

David, proper n. [Heb. 'darling, beloved, dear one'.]

Old Testament giant-killer; youngest son of Jesse; man who killed Goliath with a slingshot; Israelite who calmed Saul by playing the harp; anointed king of Israel; (see 1 Samuel 17 and ED's letters).

dawn (-s), n. [ON dagan, dawn.] (webplay: beginning, break, day, first, light, morning, opening, rise, serenity, soul, sunrise, time).

  1. Morning; sunrise; beginning of the new day; (see Job 3:9).
  2. Rebirth; renewal; resurgence; revitalization.
  3. Immortality; eternity; afterlife.
  4. Newness; freshness; novelty; excitement.
  5. Hope; light; love.

day (-s, -'s), n. [OE dæz < Skr. dah, burn.] (webplay: age, allowed, answer, appear, appointed, axis, bank, battle, becomes, began, begins, between, beyond, birth, British, called, celebrate, certainty, church, civil, commemorating, common, contest, continuance, countries, court, customary, dated, daily, delay, die, different, distance, distinguished, earth's, eatest, ends, evening, every, exchange, existence, fathers, first, four, gained, God, grace, granted, hear, hearts, honestly, hours, Jews, judges, keep, law, Let, life, made, magnify, man, mercy, morning, midnight, named, nations, natural, note, number, offered, only, own, part, parties, payment, period, person, prayer, presented, returnable, revolution, rising, Savior's, setting, seven, six, space, specified, suit, summoned, sun, sun-rising, sun-setting, sunshine, surely, thing, three, time, useful, Venice, victory, voice, walk, week, whole, without, won, year).

  1. Time of light; complement of nighttime; duration of sunshine; period of time when the sun shines on the earth; (see Genesis 1:5).
  2. Dedicated time; period of remembrance; time of observance.
  3. Season; period of time; (see Genesis 35:3).
  4. Appointed time; (see Genesis 2:17).
  5. Fresh start; [fig.] resurrection; rebirth; new life; life after death; the time when Christ will come again to raise the dead (see John 11:24).
  6. Period of alertness; time during which man is awake and active; (see Leviticus 14:2).
  7. Time of light during the colder months.
  8. Morning; sunrise; dawn; (see Genesis 32:24).
  9. Sunset; evening; (see Mark 4:35).
  10. Future date; (see Genesis 19:37).
  11. Incident; occurrence; event; unspecified but completed time; (see Genesis 48:20).
  12. Twenty-four hour period; time of the rotation of the earth; (see Genesis 7:11).
  13. Lifetime; years; life span; daily life; personal history.
  14. Victory; triumph; conquest; (see Exodus 13:3).
  15. Noon sky; (see Genesis 29:7).
  16. Enlightenment; illumination; intelligence; period of inspiration.
  17. Stage; period of life; (see Exodus 32:34).
  18. Life; mortality; [metonymy] human being; mortal individual; deceased person.
  19. Era; epoch; millennia; ages; long period of time.
  20. Phrase. “Judgment Day”: interview with Deity; time of accountability before God; (see judgment, n.)
  21. Phrase. “every day”: daily; constantly; on a regular basis; (see Genesis 39:10).
  22. Phrase. “Thanksgiving Day”: American celebration of gratitude; late November feast; holiday that Abraham Lincoln established in 1863 for the purpose of giving thanks: “I do therefore invite my fellow citizens in every part of the United States, and also those who are at sea and those who are sojourning in foreign lands, to set apart and observe the last Thursday of November next, as a day of Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens” (see Thanksgiving, proper n.).
  23. Phrase. “Grandfather of the Days”: predecessor of time; entity that existed before humankind in Genesis; [kenning] progenitor.
  24. Phrase. “Day by Day”: daily; every morning; on a regular basis.
  25. Phrase. “this Day”: even today; till now; up until the present time.
  26. Phrase. “Good Day”: health; wellness; salutation.

daybreak, n. [see day, n. + break, v.] (webplay: light).

  1. Dawn; sunrise; early morning; appearance of light in the morning sky; [fig.] resurrection.
  2. Beginning; [fig.] communion with the Lord; prayer.

daylight, n. [see day, n. + light, n.]

Morning; dawn; light of day; [fig.] publicity.