Lexicon: doubloon – dower

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doubloon (-s), n. [Fr. doublon.]

Money; Spanish or Portuguese coin worth double the value of a pistole.

doubly, adv. [see double, adj.]

Twice as much.

doubt (-s), n. [ME < OFr dute, doubt.] (webplay: apprehension, believe, eye, fear, knowledge, life, measure, mind, sense, scrupled, superior, uncertainty).

  1. Uncertainty; fear; scruple; suspicion; hesitancy to believe; fluctuation of mind arising from lack of knowledge or proof; (see Genesis 37:33).
  2. Chance; possibility of disappointment; (see Deuteronomy 28:66).

doubt (-ed, -s), v. [ME duten < L. dubitāre, waver in opinion, hesitate.] (webplay: believe, confidence, danger, deep, distrust, evidence, eye, fear, knowledge, scrupled, suspense, truth, uncertainty).

  1. Question; consider it improbable; do not expect.
  2. Question; waver in belief; fluctuate in opinion; (see Matthew 21:21).
  3. Disbelieve; distrust; suspect; (see Matthew 28:17).

doubtful, adj. [see doubt, n.] (webplay: certain, child, day, eye, knowledge, life, see).

  1. Not supposing.
  2. Unlikely; improbable, yet possible; dubious.
  3. Tremulous; not confident.
  4. Not certain or secure [fig.] two-fold.

doubting, verbal adj. [see doubt, v.] (webplay: doubt, fear, knowledge).

Uncertain; fearful; hesitating; questioning; (see Acts 11:12).

doubtless, adv. [see doubt, n.] (webplay: believe, child, divine, fear, eye, go, knowledge, pretty, question).

  1. Unquestionably; certainly; absolutely; undeniably; (see Psalms 126:6).
  2. For certain; no doubt; indisputably; (see Isaiah 63:16).
  3. Without doubt; [fig.] dually; as two.

dough, n. [OE dáh < pre-Germanic dhigh-, form of clay, knead.] (webplay: kneaded).

Uncooked bread paste; moist mass of flour or meal; pliable substance which becomes bread when baked; (see Exodus 12:34).

dove, n. [OE dufe < old Germanic dib-, dive, dip; analogous connection of L. columba with Gk. κολυμβίς, diver (bird).] (webplay: columba, house).

  1. Flying creature; pigeon-like fowl known for its loyalty; graceful bird belonging to the Columbidœ family; animate being that lives on land but travels through the air; bird that Noah sent out to look for signs of land after the flood (see Genesis 8:8-12); [fig.] emigrant; explorer; pioneer; [fig.] courier; emissary; harbinger; messenger; angel; precursor; [metaphor] Holy Spirit; potential source of peace and inspiration, like the Holy Ghost; (see Luke 3:22); [metaphor] ship; boat; little vessel of discovery; [fig.] poetry; language as a vehicle for seeking truth.
  2. Dear; gentle person; innocent one; beloved individual; guileless female; deceased girl; dearly departed one.

dower (-s, -'s), n. [OFr douaire < L. dōtāre, endow.] (webplay: great, life, portion, rich, woman).

  1. Money; property a wife brings to her husband upon their marriage.
  2. Inheritance; share of an estate; property a widow receives following the death of her husband; [fig.] recognition from others; remembrance by others; fame after death.
  3. Gift; endowment.