Lexicon: dower – drab

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dower (-ed), v. [see dower, n.] (webplay: life, portion, woman).

Endow; grant; confer; give as a wedding gift.

dowerless, adj. [see dower, n.]

Portionless; poor; without inheritance.

down, adv. [late OE dĂșne.]

  1. In a lower place.
  2. On paper; in letters; with an inscription.
  3. Into weakness; having injury; being defeated; in a low condition.
  4. Across; spanning through; in a linear movement along.
  5. Strapped; confined.
  6. Disappeared; vanished.
  7. Below; underneath.
  8. Fallen; flattened; demolished; from raised to level position.
  9. In the grave.
  10. Off; shut; closed.
  11. Below the horizon.
  12. Phrase. “down hill”: at an incline; in a downward direction; moving from a higher place to a lower place; [fig.] descending towards the grave.

down, n. [ON dĂșn.] (webplay: lie, soft, wind).

  1. Soft feathers; fine covering of baby ducks, geese, and other fowls; [fig.] gentle clouds; delicate mists.
  2. Pillow; cushion; comforter; bed; resting place; [word play on down, adv.] snowbank; low place on the ground.

down, prep. [see down, adv.]

  1. Descending; lower; (see Leviticus 19:16).
  2. Across; spanning through or across more linear movement.
  3. Lower part; inferior portion.
  4. Opposite direction.

downiest, adj. [superlative form of “downy”; see down, n.]

Delicate; soft; tender; fragile.

dowry (dowries), n. [AFr. dowarie; see dower, n.] (webplay: paid).

Property; fortune; asset.

dozen, n. [OFr dozeine < L. duodecim.]

Twelve; grouping of like kind.

Dr, n. [Abbreviation for doctor; see doctor, n.]

Title; doctor of medicine.

drab, adj. [synonymous with drap, cloth < Fr. drap-de-berry, cloth of Berry.]

Dull; yellowish; grayish brown; [fig.] dim; gloomy; depressing.