Lexicon: drag – dread

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drag, v. [OE drasgan or ON draga, draw.]

Haul; pull forcibly; trail something across a surface with resistance.

dragon (-s), n. [Fr. < Gk. δερκεσθαι, to see clearly.] (webplay: eye, land).

  1. Mythical creature; monstrous fire-breathing beast; giant reptile.
  2. Common name for certain plants of the Linnæan genus Dracontium.

dram (-s), n. [OE drachm.] (webplay: life, liquor).

  1. Liquor; spirits; alcohol.
  2. Small amount; drop; crumb.

drama (-s), n. [late L. drāma, play < Gk 'deed, action, tragic play'.] (webplay: human, tragedy).

  1. Catastrophe; culmination of events.
  2. Story; epic; verse; tragedy; prose; poetry.

drape (-d), verbal adj. [Fr. drape-r, weave < Fr. drap, cloth.]

Cover; cloak; robe.

draught (-s), n. [early ME draht < Germanic dragan, draw, v.] (webplay: drinking).

Drink; swig; large gulp; quantity swallowed.

draw, n. [see draw, v.] (webplay: death, ship).

Drawbridge; barrier.

draw (drawn, drew), v. [OE dragan, carry, bear.] (webplay: day, death, face, fear, figure, itself, picture, sign, water, well, wind, withdraw).

  1. Drain; siphon; extract; (see Genesis 24:11).
  2. Sketch; design; illustrate by hand.
  3. Come; approach; (see Exodus 3:5).
  4. Bring; carry; pull near.
  5. Condense; minimize.
  6. Withdraw; recede; retreat; depart; pull back.
  7. Shut; cover; close as a curtain.

drawer (-s), n. [see draw, v.]

Box; sliding receptacle in a case; wooden compartment with a cedar bottom; small storage unit that pulls out from a piece of furniture.

dread (-ed), adj. [ME adrad < ofdrad, frighten, terrify.] (webplay: easy, fright, great, terrors).

Abhorred; feared.