Lexicon: dread – dress

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dread, n. [see dread, v.] (webplay: awe, awful, danger, fear, fright, terror, uneasiness).

Fear; apprehension; panic; (see Genesis 9:2).

dread, v. [early ME dreden; see dread, adj.] (webplay: cause, fear).

Fear; tremble; apprehend; expect with anxiety; (see Deuteronomy 1:29).

dream (-s), n. [early ME drém.] (webplay: friend, God, life, man, mind, real, see, sleep, think, thought, time, view, visionary).

  1. Vision; apparition; other world image.
  2. Insight; revelation; heightened state of awareness; (see Genesis 20:3).
  3. Poetic imagination; goals; aspirations; ambitions.
  4. Fiction; imagination; fantasy; vision; (see Genesis 37:20).
  5. Images; ideas in sleep; more revealing than waking thoughts; (see Genesis 31:24).
  6. Spiritual bliss; vision of perfection; utopia; (see Ecclesiastes 5:7).

dream (-ed, -ing), v. [OE dréman.] (webplay: absent, diving, entertains, friend, life, mind, reading, real, see, sleep, thought, unfounded).

  1. Imagine; invent; make believe.
  2. Daydream; use time trivially.
  3. Fantasize; pretend; act as of; make believe; create an imaginary alternative.
  4. Envision; experience in slumber; see while asleep; have mental images appear during the Rapid Eye Movement portion of the mind's resting state; (see Genesis 28:12).

dreamy, adj. [see dream, n.] (webplay: command, see).

Sleepy; lethargic; oblivious; motionless.

drear, n. [see dreary, adj.]

Dismal; desolate; cold; death.

dreary (drearier), adj. [OE dréoriy, gory, bloody, sorrowful, sad.]

  1. Worse; more disappointing; more disgruntled.
  2. Tedious; weary; boring; tiresome; dull.

dregs, n. [Norse; cf. Sw. drägg, dregs, lees.]

Leftovers; remains; sediment of a drink; (see Psalms 75:8).

dress (-es), n. [see dress, v.] (webplay: fitting, men, wearing).

  1. Garment; covering; clothing; attire.
  2. Outer appearance; facade; guise.

dress (-ed, -es, drest), v. [OFr dresse-r, arrange < L. dīrect-us, direct.] (webplay: adorn, beds, garden, men, raiment).

  1. Adorn; embellish; decorate; deck; (see Exodus 30:7).
  2. Clothe; cover; put on ceremonial garments; (see Genesis 18:7).