Lexicon: dressing – drink

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dressing, n. [see dress, v.] (webplay: men).

Clothing; covering; protection.

drest, verbal adj. [same as dressed; see dress, v.]

Clothed; covered; adorned.

drew, v. [past tense of draw, v.]

dried, verbal adj. [see dry, v.]

Dehydrated; made solid; rendered as a tangible substance.

drift (-s), n. [early ME; compare Ger. trift, passage for cattle; see drive, v.] (webplay: snow).

  1. Heap; mass; substance collected by wind; [fig.] cloud bank.
  2. Bank; pile; mound of snow.

drift (-ed), v. [see drift, n.] (webplay: driving, mining, snow).

  1. Wander in; travel to; sail into; explore aimlessly in.
  2. Drive along; collect in heaps; [fig.] cover; hide; surround.

drifting, verbal adj. [see drift, n.]

Moving; aimless; wandering; propelled by force; falling like snow; collected into a pile; landing in a heap.

drill (-ed, -s), v. [Du. drillen, bore, turn around, run hither and thither.] (webplay: entice, metal, step).

  1. Drive; pound; hammer; [fig.] force.
  2. Nail; puncture; bore into; make holes in; [fig.] practice; perform a military exercise; [fig.] crucify.
  3. Prepare; educate; school; train; make ready.

drink, n. [ME drinke.] (webplay: take, water, wine).

  1. Life; salvation; living Christ; (see Genesis 21:19).
  2. Fellowship; companionship; intellectual stimulation; [fig.] source of truth; fountain of knowledge; provider of comfort.

drink (drank, drinking, drunk, drunken), v. [OE drincan.] (webplay: air, brook, cup, drunkard, eye, hear, liquor, see, thirst, tippler, water, wine).

  1. Take in liquid; [fig.] experience.
  2. Intake; ingest; satiate one's thirst; (see Genesis 24:17 for “drink” and Lamentations 5:4 for “drunken”).
  3. Imbibe; sip an intoxicating liquid; [fig.] live; celebrate; enjoy life; worship nature; (see Matthew 24:38).
  4. Partake; consume; shape a cup of sacramental wine (see Matthew 26:27); [fig.] consume a cleansing beverage.
  5. Slake thirst; stay hydrated.
  6. Accept; receive; submit to; (see Matthew 20:22).
  7. Choose; select; [fig.] taste.
  8. Endure; undergo; suffer; (see Mark 10:38-39).
  9. Phrase. “Drink to”: celebrate; toast; imbibe alcohol for a festive occasion; [fig.] praise; honor; pay homage to; (see Luke 12:19).
  10. Phrase. “drunk it stronger”: taken a more potent dose; imbibed a more intoxicating portion; [fig.] appreciated it more.