Lexicon: ducal – dull

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ducal, adj. [L. ducāl-is, leader; see duke, n.]

  1. Regal; royal; imperial; majestically silent; [fig.] reclusive; elusive; like a mollusk hiding in a shell.
  2. Aristocratic; belonging to a doge; pertaining to a duke.
  3. Phrase. “Ducal Showing”: aristocrat's coronet; mantle for a duke; trappings of royalty; [fig.] courtly exhibition; award ceremony; presentation of accolades.

ducat (-s), n. [L. ducātus, duchy, name of a coin; see duke, n.]

Money; token; coin minted in European dukedoms; [fig.] wealth.

duchess, n. [L. dux, duke; see duke, n.] (webplay: sovereignty).

Female counterpart of a duke; woman of nobility.

duck (-'s), n. [OE duce; cf. Sw. dyk-fågel, dive-fowl, diver.]

Swimming bird; fowl flesh; [metonymy] pillow.

dud (-s), n. [origin unknown.]

Scraps; clothes; cloak; [fig.] patches of light.

due, adv. [late L. debūt-um, owed, money owed, debt.] (webplay: fit, seasonable, time).

  1. Owed; (see Psalms 29:2).
  2. Expected; anticipated; required; (see Luke 23:41).
  3. Just; right; deserved; (see Deuteronomy 32:35).

due, n. [see due, adj.]

Wages; pay; salary; just consequences; (see Leviticus 10:13).

dug, v. [see dig, v.]

duke, n. [ME duk, leader, commander, general.] (webplay: king, title).

  1. Leader; chief; political ruler; man of nobility.
  2. Great Eagle Owl.

dull (-er, -est), adj. [ME dul, foolish.] (webplay: bright, cloggy, color, comprehend, dullness, hearing, industry, lad, learn, life, man, seeing, scholar, slow, spirit, stupid, wind, work).

  1. Mentally slower; less intelligent; having fewer creative faculties.
  2. Dim; not translucent; not bright.
  3. Boring; weary; tedious.
  4. Hearing impaired; slightly deaf; (see Matthew 13:15).
  5. Not sharp.
  6. Numb; emotionally dead; not capable of a full range of feelings.
  7. Dispirited; melancholy; depressed; sad; unhappy.