Lexicon: dullness – duplicate

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dullness, n. [see dull, adj.] (webplay: dull, industry, life, seeing, stupid).

Lack of Intelligence; slowness; sleepiness.

dum, prep. [L. 'While, in the meantime, as long as, so long as'; see vivimus and vivamus.]

Phrase. “Dum vivimus vivamus”: while we live, let us enjoy life; while we are alive, let us live fully.

dumb (-er), adj. [OE, mute.] (webplay: power, show, signs, speech, sounds).

  1. Silent; still; (see Habakkuk 2:18).
  2. Speechless; destitute of the power of speech; (see Psalms 38:13).

dumb, n. [see dumb, adj.]

Mute; person lacking speech abilities; (see Exodus 4:11).

dumbly, adv. [see dumb, adj.]

Mutely; silently; without words or speech.

dun, adj. [OE, brown.] (webplay: air).

Dark color; black; dull; swarthy.

dunce, n. [An application of the name of John Duns Scotus, the celebrated scholastic theologian, called 'Doctor Subtilis' the Subtle Doctor, who died in 1308.] (webplay: dull).

Person of weak intellect; dullard; dolt; thick skull.

dungeon (-s, -'s), n. [Fr. donjon, lord; see dominion, n.] (webplay: light, prison).

  1. Pit; underground hold; deep dark incarceration place; hole in the ground used for confining prisoners; (see Genesis 40:15); [fig.] desperate situations; circumstances of deprivation.
  2. Gaol; prison; jail cell; [fig.] casket; coffin; grave; tomb.
  3. Keep; holding place; innermost castle tower for confining important prisoners; [fig.] body; mortality; human life on earth.

dungeon (-ed), v. [see dungeon, n.]

Imprison; incarcerate; confine; keep hidden from view; conceal from the knowledge of others.

duplicate, n. [L. duplic─üt-us, doubled.]

Copy; twin; similitude; mirror image; second thing of same kind; [fig.] synonym.