Lexicon: duty – dyer

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duty (duties), n. [AFr dueté.] (webplay: laws, forbid).

  1. Raiment; clothing; covering.
  2. Obligation; responsibility; commitment; (see Exodus 21:10).

dwarf, n. [OE dweorh, midge.]

Midget; pygmy; miniature; human being that is stunted in growth; (see Leviticus 21:20).

dwell (-eth, -ing, -s, dwelt), v. [OE dwęllan, lead astray, hinder, delay, stay.] (webplay: abide, accents, day, debate, doubtful, feast, fondness, God, joy, language, life, live, looks, night, note, place, remain, resident, subject, time, writing, word).

  1. Reside; inhabit; live in a place; (see Genesis 4:20, 24:3).
  2. Ponder; wonder about; consider long; spend much time upon.
  3. Stay; remain; linger; pause; rest; wait; loiter; delay; sleep in death.
  4. Live; exist; continue; be alive.
  5. Abide; agree to experience life in a mortal place, state, or condition (see John 1:14).

dwelling, verbal adj. [see dwell, v.] (webplay: fondness).

Phrase. “dwelling house”: home; residence; habitation; domestic structure; (see Leviticus 25:29); [fig.] resting place.

dwelling (-s), verbal n. [see dwell, v.] (webplay: day, place, remain, subject).

Place; home; house; habitation; abode; (see Genesis 10:30).

dwelt, v. [see dwell, v.]

dwindle (-d, dwindling), v. [OE dwínan, vanish; see kindle, v.] (webplay: less).

Diminish; reduce; become less; become smaller.

dye (-s), n. [OE déah.]

Coloring; tint; stain.

dye, v. [OE; appears as “die” in Johnson.]

Turn red; change to a darker tint; stain to a deeper shade; [Johnson has “die”] perish; [metaphor] rot; turn bad; become overly ripe.

dyer, n. [OE déayere.] (webplay: color, deeper).

Artisan; craftsman who dyes.