Lexicon: deadly – death

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deadly, adv. [see dead, adj.] (webplay: passed).


deaf, adj. [OE < Germanic 'dull, obtuse'.] (webplay: eyes, word).

  1. Without auditory perception; [fig.] numb; emotionally paralyzed; unresponsive to grief.
  2. Unable to hear; [fig.] unaware temporarily.

deal, n. [OE dæl < OSlav. dêlŭ, part, dêlitî, divide.] (webplay: art, cold, great, made, now, space, time, true).

Large amount; great portion of time; [fig.] lot; fate; destiny; (see Exodus 29:40).

deal (-s, dealt), v. [OE dælan; see deal, n.] (webplay: between, blows, deaths, do, exchange, have, hungry, man, one, one's, own, players, thee, true, will).

  1. Measure; bestow; dispense; mete out; distribute a portion; [fig.] endow; invest; clothe with; adorn with.
  2. Administer; deliver; (see Exodus 8:29).
  3. Give out; provide freely; [fig.] speak; say; express; (see 2 Samuel 6:19).
  4. Strew about; spend without restraint; (see Psalms 119:78).
  5. Allot; apportion; (see Genesis 47:29).
  6. Phrase. “Deal with”: handle; manage; treat harshly; grapple with; (see Genesis 21:23).

dear (-er), adj. [OE déore; glorious, distinguished, worthy, costly.] (webplay: children, close, demand, estimation, fear, followers, God, joy, last, high, hurt, last, more, narrow, one, precious, rest, scarce, seems, than).

  1. Valued; expensive.
  2. Considerable; important; substantial; (see Acts 20:24).
  3. Loved; cherished; precious; significant; (see Jeremiah 31:20).

dear, interj. [see dear, adj.] (webplay: God).

Phrase. “Oh, dear”: oh, my; my word; [exclamation expressing emotion.]

dear, n. [see dear, adj.]

Darling; sweetheart; beloved one; my love; cherished person; [loving word; term of endearment; affectionate address.]

dearth, n. [ME derthe < MG. tûrde, glory, honour, value, costliness; related to dear, adj.]

Desire; significant want; [fig.] famine; (see Genesis 41:54).

death, adj. [see death, n.] (webplay: hands, life, livest, vital).

  1. Lethal; fatal; destructive.
  2. Phrase. “Death warrants”: license to kill; legal permission to execute someone; document that authorizes capital punishment.

death (-'s), n. [OE; see also dead, adj.] (webplay: action, another, arrow, away, ball, banished, being, blood, born, breast, called, caught, cause, ceased, child, Christ, circumstance, cold, color, common, danger, darkness, deadly blow, decrease, deep, depart, deprived, destitute, disappear, divine, drops, dull, end, endure, enemy, eternal, everlastingly, extinction, eye, faint, faith, fall, fame, father, feathered, feeling, fire, force, frost, functions, future, gates, given, God, grace, grief, hands, head, heart, heavy, horror, hour, hunger, imitating, immortal, impotent, indifference, invisible, kill, land, life, livest, lose, love, manner of dying, means, men, mortal, motion, murder, name, nature, night, nothing, obscure, pale, passed, peaceful, people, perfectly, perish, perpetual, poor, portion, power, prayer, property, quiet, realm, remain, renewed, request, resembling, restored, rights, rising, river, sake, seas, second death, secret, senses, separation, ship's, sickness, sight, signifies, slain, sleep, slumbers, society, sought, soul, space, spiritless, still, stone, suffer, surface, tasteless, timber, time, torments, tree, truth, use, vital, walls, want, water, weight, wind, wine, winter, world, wrath).

  1. Complement to life; inert stage in the life cycle.
  2. Dying; demise; closure of mortality.
  3. Force that ends life; [personification] personage that takes someone from mortality to the next life.
  4. Moment of passing away; time when life ends.
  5. Expiration; seemingly permanent loss of breath.
  6. Final crisis; fatal agony.
  7. Losing life; process of dying.
  8. Physical stasis; rigor mortis; biological termination of animation.
  9. Cessation of life; transition into a better world.
  10. Total loss of consciousness; complete shut-down of the physical body.
  11. A corpse; a dead body; one who is no longer alive.
  12. Final accounting; last chance.
  13. Passing away of someone.
  14. Loss of life; physical decomposition; corporeal corruption; dissolution of the body; (see Luke 9:27).
  15. The inescapable conclusion of life; [personification] the destroying angel.
  16. Duration of a lifeless state; period of time that a being is not alive.
  17. Release; liberation from life's pains and griefs.
  18. Time of darkness; suspension of light.
  19. The undertaker; [personification] the gentleman chauffeur; the funeral director; the driver for a funeral cortege.
  20. Being dead; no longer having a living identity.
  21. A killer; a cause of demise; an agent that terminates life.
  22. Separation of the spirit from the body.
  23. The tomb; the grave; the underworld.
  24. Obligation to follow natural law; temporal obligation to relinquish life.
  25. A fatal wound; a sharp lethal weapon.
  26. The unknown; the mysterious final chapter in life's book.
  27. Capital punishment; worst possible penalty; legal sentence of being killed.
  28. The end of mortality; the transition from this world to the world beyond.
  29. Hell; state of separation from the Beloved.
  30. Bridge from this truth to the next truth (like a hyphen).
  31. Decomposition; corruption.
  32. Phrase. “put to death”: execute; martyr; kill in capital punishment.
  33. Phrase. “House of Death”: final resting place; [kenning] tomb; grave; sepulchre.