Lexicon: decalogue – decision

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decalogue (-s), n. [Fr. < Gk. δεκάλογος < phrase o'I δεκα λόγοι, the Ten Commandments.] (webplay: God).

The Law of Moses; ten commandments that Moses received from God on Mount Sinai (see Exodus 20).

decamp, v. [Fr. décamper; see camp, n.]

Move; fly away; be released; break camp; leave an enclosure; depart from a place; [fig.] divulge; be disclosed.

decamping, verbal adj. [see decamp, v.] (webplay: depart).

Wanton; flighty; dizzy; giddy; abandoning; running off; sudden flight; on the go.

decay (-s), n. [see decay, v.] (webplay: failure, men).

  1. Death; the process of dying; natural destruction of the physical body.
  2. Fatigue; exhaustion; fainting; [fig.] lapse; regression; fading memory.
  3. Fading hues; diminishing array of light; [fig.] twilight; dusk; gloaming; nightfall.
  4. Expiration; closure; termination; departure; passing away.
  5. Decomposition; descent; declension; [fig.] degeneracy; depravity; moral corruption.
  6. Old age; advancing years; [fig.] autumn season.
  7. Ageing process; gradual destruction; biological corruption; (see Leviticus 25:35).

decay (-ed), v. [OFr < L. caděre, to fall.] (webplay: fail, gradually, make, pass, perfect).

  1. Expire; decompose; die; pass away; slowly progress towards death.
  2. Fade; shrivel; wither; lose vitality.
  3. Depart; vanish into darkness; disappear into shadow.
  4. Disband; separate; break up; fall apart; lose efficacy; experience breach of contract; [fig.] divorce.
  5. Deteriorate; disintegrate; wear away; decline gradually; (see Ecclesiastes 10:18).
  6. Transform; experience mortality; go through natural stages of growth and change.
  7. Become illegible; lose its inscriptions to weathering; become unreadable with the passage of time.
  8. Become obsolete; go out of fashion.
  9. Weaken; dissipate.

deceive (-s), v. [OFr.] (webplay: cut, have, plant, set).

  1. Confuse; beguile; enchant; confound; bewilder; perplex.
  2. Delude; intentionally mislead; (see Leviticus 6:2).

decide, v. [Fr. < L. 'cut off', 'cut the knot', 'determine'.] (webplay: far, how, say, verdict).

Conclude; resolve; discern; judge; achieve a conclusion; (see 1 Kings 20:40).

deciduous, adj. [L. dēcidu-us, falling down, falling off.]

Momentary; impermanent; transitory.

decimal (-s), n. [med. L. decimāl-is, tenth, tithe.]

Sum; fraction; amount numbered by tens.

decision, n. [Fr. décision; see decide, v.]

Resolution; final choice; judgement; (see Joel 3:14).