Lexicon: fable – fade

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fable, n. [L. fabula, discourse, narrative story.]

Fiction; legend; myth; feigned story; (see 1 Timothy 1:4).

fable (-s), v. [OFr > L. fabulari, talk, discourse.]

Phrase. “[Out] fables”: outvisions; exceeds the myth of; goes beyond the fantasies about; surpasses the stories with regard to.

fabric (-s), n. [OFr fabrique.] (webplay: beautiful, frame, East).

  1. Textile; woven material; manufactured cloth; dry goods.
  2. Vital organ; body tissue; [metonymy] physical body; [fig.] broken heart; mortal person; human being.
  3. Substance; matter; material; stuff; thing; [fig.] physical element of the universe.

fabulous, adj. [see fable, n.]

Fictitious; invented; not substantial; imaginary; fanciful; relating to a fable; [word play] extraordinary; splendid; spectacular; magnificent.

face (-s), n. [Fr.] (webplay: against, appearance, ask, battle, body, boldness, carry, charge, citations, confidence, cover, darkly, enemy, favor, feature, firmness, forge, former, glass, grant, heaven, hide, kind, king, left, long, meet, name, oppose, person, play, presence, public square, right, sea, see, servant, shine, show sight, stand opposite, stopping, thought, toward, turn, witnesses).

  1. Boldness; impudence; temerity; daring; audacity.
  2. Visible part of the dusk; [fig.] radiance; brilliance; illumination; glow of sunset.
  3. Person; persona; [metonymy] being; essence; resurrected body.
  4. Favor; approval; saving grace.
  5. Eyes; loving glance; affectionate eye contact.
  6. Dawn; [fig.] salvation; redemption; promise of a new start; beginning of a new existence.
  7. View; eyesight; [fig.] awareness; consciousness.
  8. Countenance; front surface of the human head; distinguishing features of the head; identifying characteristics of a human being; part of the head that has the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth; (see Genesis 3:19).
  9. Attitude; outlook; aspect; characteristic; (see Job 26:9).
  10. Sun; source of light; [fig.] appearance; manifestation of nature.
  11. Ordnance; surface of metal at the muzzle of a gun; [fig.] mouth; opening leading into a hollow thing.
  12. Look; air of the face; expression; cast of features.
  13. Waves; billows; ocean swell; (see Genesis 1:2); [phrase “Blue faces”] symptom of drowning.
  14. Grave; headstone; [fig.] deceased person; body.
  15. Presence; sight; close proximity; (see Genesis 16:6).
  16. Facet; dimension; valence; part of the surface.
  17. Visage; [fig.] presence; divine being; Holy One; (see Isaiah 50:7).
  18. Flowering branch; blossoming that appears on certain trees in early spring.
  19. Advent; actuality; arrival; reality; visible state; (see Exodus 14:25).
  20. Surface; plane; side which presents itself to the view; (see Job 37:12).
  21. Inquiry; examination; scrutiny.
  22. Phrase. “face to face”: together; near enough to touch; looking directly at one another; standing in front of someone with close proximity; (see Genesis 32:30).
  23. Phrase. “Look her in the face”: gaze at her directly; share eye contact with her.

face (-ing, -ed), v. [see face, n.] (webplay: carry, Confidence, darkly, stand).

  1. Have an opening toward; have a front door toward.
  2. Meet; see; find; encounter; approach; be visible to; draw near to.

facilitate, v. [Fr. 'render easy'.] (webplay: hell).

Aid; encourage; accommodate; stimulate; make less difficult.

fact (-s), n. [L. factum, thing done < facere, do or make.] (webplay: deny, place, witnesses).

  1. Past event; earlier act; prior circumstances.
  2. Reality; truth; experience.
  3. Misfortune; harsh episode; [fig.] death; strong wind.
  4. Creation; invention; making; deed.

factory (factories), n. [med. L. < facere, do or make.]

Enterprise; business; work; establishment; mill; building used for fabricating goods; [hypernym] factory whistle; signal siren or alarm from a company building.

fade (-s, -ing), v. [OFr 'dull, insipid, vapid'.] (webplay: banish, brighter; color, disappear, green, grow, leaf, least, lose, man, old, perish, quickly, same, stars, stronger, ways, winter, wrinkled).

  1. Lose significance; be transitory; be gradually forgotten; not have lasting value; not have eternal importance; (see 2 Samuel 22:46).
  2. Disperse; slowly disappear; grow dim; lose color or light; (see Isaiah 1:30); [fig.] traces of sunset.
  3. Decline; perish; pass away; begin to expire.
  4. Wilt; wither; diminish; droop; shrivel; [fig.] die; perish gradually; (see Isaiah 24:4).
  5. Lose volume; gradually decrease in sound.