Lexicon: favorite – feather

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favorite, adj. [OFr.]

Preferred; best liked; most pleasing; most frequently chosen.

favorite (-s), n. [OFr.]

Candidate; chosen one; special person; preferred entity.

fe, n. [see auto da fe, n.]

fealty, n. [OFr < L. fides, faith, loyalty.] (webplay: true).

Promise; covenant; pledge of allegiance; obligation to a landlord; fidelity to a lord.

fear (-s), n. [OE sudden calamity, danger.] (webplay: afraid, apprehension, awe, color, danger, dread, due, expectation, feel, force, God, just, merited, mind, offend, painful, perfect, terror, thought, wild, worship).

  1. Worry; fret; preoccupation; (see Exodus 15:16).
  2. Existential angst; dread of death;(see Nehemiah 6:14).
  3. Doubt; distrust; uncertainty; lack of confidence.
  4. Fright; nightmare; reaction to a threat; (see Genesis 9:2).
  5. Reverence; awe; admiration; wonder; trembling respect; utmost deference; (see Genesis 20:11).

fear (-ed, -ing, -s), v. [OE faeren, terrify.] (webplay: afraid, alarm, approach, awe, feel, flee, God, painful, punishment, reverence, terrify).

  1. Dread; tremble before; be threatened by.
  2. Respect; honor; revere; (see Genesis 22:12).
  3. Worry; doubt; distrust; apprehend; (see Genesis 15:1).

fearless, adj. [see fear, n. + less.]

Bold; intrepid; confident; without danger or threat.

feast, n. [OFr.] (webplay: delighted, dine, guest, honor, mind, soul, table).

  1. Exquisite meal; abundant banquet; sumptuous repast and entertainment; (see Genesis 21:8).
  2. Ceremony; ritual; religious commemoration; (see Exodus 5:1).

feat (-s), n. [L. factum, thing done.] (webplay: act, skill).

  1. Success; triumph; exceptional achievement; noteworthy accomplishment.
  2. Action; deed; endeavor.

feather (-s), n. [OE.] (webplay: birds, body, flight, fly, kind, land, nests, open, soft).

  1. Plume; quill from a bird's plumage (see Job 39:13); [fig.] bloom; blossom; flower; petal; stamen.
  2. Wing; extremity adapted for flight; appendage consisting of a shaft and vanes; [fig.] iridescence; opalescence; delicate layers of color that refract light.
  3. Single unit of a bird's wing.
  4. Appendage used for flying; [fig.] butterfly wing.
  5. Means of transportation through the air; [fig.] transport; transcendence; extasy; exaltation; rapture.
  6. Protective covering; outer gear; [fig.] physical body; mortal frame.
  7. Cockade; decoration; ornament.
  8. Mobility; means of flight; [metonymy] bird; flying creature.