Lexicon: feature – feel

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feature (-s), n. [OFr.] (webplay: face, form).

Characteristic; structure; form; appearance.

February (Febuary), proper adj. [see February, proper n.]

Cold; chilly; wintry; blustery; gloomy; dark; stormy; snowy; pertaining to the second month of the year.

February (-'s, Febuary, Febuary's), proper n. [ED spelling of “February”; ME < OFr < L. Roman festival of purification.] (webplay: days, leap, year).

Late winter; second month of the year in the Gregorian calendar; [fig.] blizzard; snow storm; bringer of cold weather; [see ED's letters.]

fed, verbal adj. [see feed, v.]

Phrase. “full fed”: satisfied; wholly gratified; completely nourished; totally fulfilled.

federate (-s), v. [L.]

Govern; permit; control; allow to retain power.

fee, n. [OE.] (webplay: payments).

Cost; payment; price; compensation.

feeble (-est), adj. [OFr] (webplay: force, light, slow, vigor, voice).

Weak; sickly; decrepit; lame; (see Genesis 30:42).

feebly, adv. [see feeble, adj.] (webplay: life, slow, want).

Weakly; clumsily; inefficiently.

feed (-s, -ing, fed), v. [OE.] (webplay: birds, cattle, eye, food, hope, meal, vanity).

  1. Nourish; consume; intake; fuel.
  2. Graze; pasture; (see Exodus 22:5).
  3. Supply; cater to; provide food for; (see Genesis 25:30).
  4. Sate; fill appetite; (see Job 24:20).

feel (-s, -ing, felt), v. [OE felan, gefelan, grope, touch.] (webplay: acquainted, affected, body, cold, dark, experience, find, gently, grief, groping, hot, hurt, just, know, limbs, moved, pain, passions, perceive, pleasure, search, sense, soft, sound, strike, suffer, touch, try).

  1. Appear; seem.
  2. Experience; suffer; bear; admit.
  3. Live; have life; have being; possess vitality.
  4. Detect; examine; explore; perceive by touch; have a physical sensation; ascertain by physical proof; (see Genesis 27:21).
  5. Perceive emotionally; be affected by; respond subjectively to experience.
  6. Search; seek; look; grope; (see Acts 17:27).
  7. Sense mentally; intuit; become aware of; know without physical confirmation.
  8. Believe; think; consider; judge; hold as an opinion; have a conviction.
  9. Be; exist; abide.
  10. Phrase. “Feel at home”: be comfortable; be at ease; have a sense of belonging.