Lexicon: feudal – field

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feudal, adj. [med. L.] (webplay: right).

Medieval; from the Middle Ages; pertaining to castles, chivalry, estates, lords, and fiefs.

fever, n. [OE.] (webplay: cold, thirst, will).

  1. Pyrexia; increased body temperature; disease characterized by an accelerated pulse, impaired functions, diminished strength; [fig.] thirst.
  2. Serious illness; fatal sickness.

fevered, verbal adj. [see fever, n.]

Heated; agitated; affected with fever.

few (-er), adj. [OE feawe, little, poor, stop.] (webplay: many, men).

  1. Sparse; scattered; not many; small in number.
  2. Meager; scarce; [fig.] weak; wan.
  3. Not as many; a smaller amount of.
  4. Periodic; sporadic; infrequent; here and there.
  5. Rare; select; chosen; elect; elite; exclusive.
  6. Phrase. “A few/A few of”: a couple of; two or three; [possibly a nominal quantifier] selected ones; chosen candidates.

few, n. [see few, adj.] (webplay: men, small).

  1. One or two of them.
  2. Not everyone; not many people; only a small amount of persons.
  3. Group of chosen ones; small set of eligible people.
  4. Phrase. “a few”: some people; a special couple; a handful of persons.

fickle, adj. [OE, deceitful.]

Inconstant; false; unfaithful; impractical; unreliable; wavering.

fiction (-'s), n. [L. fingere, fashion or form.] (webplay: mind, real).

Fable; fantasy; fabrication; falsehood; invention; imaginary story.

fictitious, adj. [L. feign.] (webplay: mind, real).

Artificial; imitation; simulated; unreal; dreamlike; ideal quality.

fidelity, n. [Fr. < L. fides.] (webplay: friend, truth).

Honesty; trustworthiness; oath; pledge; unwavering allegiance; (see Titus 2:10); [fig.] faithfulness to the marriage covenant.

field (-s), n. [OE.] (webplay: distance, down, farm, garden, ground, hay, house, ice, keep, laborers, land, live, lost, meadow, mowing, picture, plain, wide, winter, wood).

  1. Meadow; open land; piece of ground; outskirts of town; (see Genesis 24:63).
  2. Piece of land; part of a farm; area enclosed for tillage or pasture; (see Genesis 23:17).
  3. Orchard; garden; area of specific growth; expanse of agriculture; (see Genesis 2:5).