Lexicon: fiend – filament

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fiend, n. [OE feond.]

Devil; worst kind of enemy; malicious foe.

fierce (-er,-est), adj. [OFr] (webplay: blood, look, tempest).

Angry; savage; ravenous; violent; (see Exodus 32:12).

fife, n. [HGer. pfiefe.] (webplay: drums).

Pipe; flute; wind instrument played chiefly in martial music with drums.

fifteen (15), adj. [OE.]

Five and ten; the numeral 15; Bible chapter number.

fifth, adj. [OE.] (webplay: fourth).

One of five equal parts; (see Genesis 41:34).

fight, n. [see fight, v.] (webplay: country, enemy, fears, soldier).

Battle; struggle; crusade; trial.

fight (-ing, fought), v. [OE.] (webplay: arms, battle, conquer, country, enemy, man, ship, war).

  1. Argue; contend; contest; grapple; (see Exodus 1:10).
  2. Struggle; battle; exert strength; exercise body and spirit; [fig.] oppose death (see Exodus 14:14).

figment, n. [L.]

Suggestion; hint; intimation; inkling; clue; remnant; scrap; evidence; amount; measure; quantity.

figure (-s), n. [Fr.] (webplay: eminence, equal, faith, houses, knowledge, life, man, morning, order, person, sense, set, show, sides, soul, speaking, wings).

  1. Number; numeral; mathematical symbol; [fig.] estimate; calculation; answer; possible solution.
  2. Image; idol; (see Deuteronomy 4:16); [fig.] renowned individual; famous character; person of distinction; one who is publicly well-known.
  3. Form; shape; silhouette; [fig.] ridge.

filament (-s), n. [L. filare, thread.] (webplay: flesh).

Strand; tie; link; bond between people.