Lexicon: file – finger

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file (-s), v. [OE.]

  1. Place in order; line one behind the other; march in order.
  2. Exit; leave; shed away.

fill (-ed, -ing, -s), v. [OE fyllan.] (webplay: abundance; afflictions; bear, become, bliss, brace, cold, corn, driest, earth, felt, full, glass, good, grow, hold, king, life, make, mill, more, night, put, sand, seas, summer, supply, sweet, time, want, water, well, whole, wing, years).

  1. Sound; resonate in; become audible throughout.
  2. Cover; encompass; abound in; become universally present in; [fig.] illuminate.
  3. Stow; load; keep enough oil in; provide with sufficient fuel.
  4. Comprise; equal; make up; consist of; be counted as.
  5. Respire with; breathe air into; pull oxygen into by respiration.
  6. Stop; close; [fig.] address; repair; remedy; prevent.
  7. Become overrun with vegetation, undergrowth, snow, etc.
  8. Supply; pour into; cause to be full; keep from being empty.
  9. Assuage; satiate; slake; [phrasal irony: “filled the lisping full”] caused a chill by means of social coldness; caused shivering and trembling so that stuttering sibilant sounds impaired speech.
  10. Complete; replete; satisfy; become content; be accomplished; be at greatest capacity; (see Ezekiel 7:19).
  11. Replenish; stockpile; store food in.
  12. Accomplish; execute; fulfill; carry out; put into effect; act the part for; do the work for; [fig.] realize; actualize; bring to pass.
  13. Repair; fix; restore; mend.
  14. Bring to closure; successfully perform the duties of.
  15. Phrase. “fill up”: totally overwhelm; completely absorb.

film (-s), n. [OE.] (webplay: eye).

Membrane; surface; thin covering.

film, v. [see film, n.]

Cloud up; grow dim; become obscure; lose the capacity for vision.

final (-lest), adj. [Fr. pertaining to the end.] (webplay: finish, last).

  1. Last; ultimate; culminating; latest in a series.
  2. Terminal; concluding; beyond recovery; [fig.] dying; pertaining to the end of life.
  3. Ending; diminishing; [fig.] fading; pertaining to last light of day.
  4. Least; [fig.] mortal; subject to death.

finally, adv. [see final, adj.] (webplay: last).

  1. At last; after a long wait; [fig.] reluctantly; by concession.
  2. Consequently; subsequently; ultimately; at the end.
  3. Lastly; in conclusion; at the climax; [fig.] in the judgment day; after the end of this mortal life; (see 2 Corinthians 13:11).

financier (-s), n. [Fr.]

Treasurer; calculator; banker; collector.

find (-s, -ing, found), v. [OE findan.] (webplay: accord, aid, ask, assault, before, bring, business, catch, come, discover, ease, expedition, experiment, eye, few, first, gain, gate, given, glory, God, guilty, have, hidden, house, knowledge, learn, life, light, lost, meaning, meet, obtain, pain, provisions, reach, recover, search, searching, secret, seek, seen, self, set, sight, sounding, sum, thief, torrid, touching, truth, unknown, unriddle, visit, way, woods, zone).

  1. Recover; regain; recuperate; locate something.
  2. Realize; comprehend; grasp mentally; (see Numbers 32:23).
  3. See; perceive; feel; sense; (see Genesis 10:11).
  4. Discover; come upon.
  5. Detect; notice; observe; (see Genesis 18:28).
  6. Encounter; bump into; come upon; succeed in reaching; (see Genesis 4:14).
  7. Consider; regard; declare; make known; (see Genesis 47:25).
  8. Phrase. “find out”: discover; understand; ascertain; learn; reveal by examination; test by experiment; (see Job 11:17).

fine (-r, -st), adj. [It. finire.] (webplay: artful, building, eminent, face, free, gentleman, gold, hair, house, keen, lady, manners, metal, mind, minute, music, noble, notice, painting, pleasure, poetry, refine, rise, sand, silk, silver, small, spirit, superior, thought, thread, trumpet, view, wine, worthy).

  1. Proper; mannered; correct; dignified; socially graceful.
  2. Small; thin; delicate; careful; minuscule; slender; (see Genesis 18:6).
  3. Good; honorable; esteemed; respected; virtuous; morally justified; well thought of.
  4. Grand; royal; elegant; elite; ritzy; socially elevated; high class; (see 2 Chronicles 3:8).
  5. Excellent; superior; valuable; high in quality; (see Genesis 41:42).
  6. Sharp; clear; thoughtful; insightful; acute; discerning; accurate.
  7. Strong; intense; advanced.
  8. Accomplished; trained; skilled; well-schooled.
  9. Divine; supreme; elect; provident; God-given.

finger (-s, -'s), n. [OE.] (webplay: bones, breadth, extreme, God, hand, handle, hold, keyed, lightly, measure, music, part, power, skill, small, take, thievishly, touch).

  1. Extension; protraction of an inanimate object; lengthening of a body of elements; [fig.] part of anatomy used in the personification of mythological characters; (see Exodus 8:19).
  2. Handiwork ability; capacity for manual labor; [synecdoche] the whole person.
  3. Digit; one of five terminal extensions of the hand.