Lexicon: finish – fire

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finish (-ed, -ing), v. [ME fenys.] (webplay: arrive, end, house, make).

  1. Complete; terminate; cease; bring to an end; (see Exodus 39:32).
  2. Accomplish; execute; achieve; perfect; (see Genesis 6:16)

finished, verbal adj. [see finish, v.]

Accomplished; executed; achieved; perfected; completed.

finite, adj. [L. finire.]

Limited; bounded; restricted; restrained.

finite, n. [see finite, adj.]

Limited thing; mortal; defined object.

finiteness, n. [see finite, adj.]

Boundedness; finitude; confinement; detention.

finitude, n. [see finite, adj.] (webplay: being, existence, power).

Subject to limitations.

finity, n. [see finite, adj.]

Instance of finiteness or limitation; [fig.] mortal life; short existence.

Finland, proper n. ['land of the Finns,' poss. < Germ. finden, to seek, or seekers, nomads or < Germ. finna, fenna, (fish) scale (referring to fish-skin garments worn in early times).]

Northern European country; land known for midnight sun in summer months; [fig.] winter; coldest time; hibernal season.

fir, n. [ME.]

Tree; coniferous vegetation; genus Pinus; (see 2 Samuel 6:5).

fire (-s, -'s), n. [OE fyr, sun.]

  1. Volcanic explosion; flaming lava.
  2. Basic element of active heat, light, color.
  3. Sunset; sunlight; luster, splendor, glory (of the sun).
  4. Source of heat and warmth; [fig.] comfort.
  5. Radiance; effulgence; [fig.] inspiration; stirring of poetic language in the mind; [metaphor] passion; feeling of love for someone or something.
  6. Burning; blaze; conflagration; [fig.] trial; adversity; refining delay.