Lexicon: faded – fain

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faded, verbal adj. [see fade, v.]

  1. Dull; less potent; less lively; [fig.] calmer; pacified; less stormy.
  2. Insignificant; no longer important.
  3. Aging; grown older; no longer youthful.
  4. Less vivid; less desirable; worn out; losing color.
  5. Waning; growing dim; diminished in light.
  6. Bland; less savory; tasteless; less substantial; not nourishing.
  7. Forgotten; lost from memory.

fadeless, adj. [see fade, v. 'fade + less'.]

Unfading; eternally young; pristine.

fading, n. [see fade, v.]

  1. Sunset; [word play] death; dying.
  2. Obscurity; oblivion; dwindling fame; diminishing glory.
  3. Wilting; dying; perishing.

fading, verbal adj. [see fade, v.]

Diminishing; dwindling; decreasing; [fig.] dying; (see Isaiah 28:1).

fagot, n. [Fr.]

Punishment; practice of burning heretics.

fail (-ed, -est, -ing, -s), v. [OFr 'to be wanting, miss.'] (webplay: bad, care, decay, die, dry, entirely, expectations, eyes, faithful, fall, fulfill, God, insufficient, land, lest, man, miss, old, season, sight, sink, walk, wanting, weaker).

  1. Disappear; vanish; leave existence.
  2. End; cease; discontinue; become no longer present.
  3. Refrain; refuse; reject; decline.
  4. Be unfulfilled; fall short of expectation.
  5. Malfunction; prove unsuccessful; be unable to accomplish or perform.
  6. Sin; transgress.
  7. Be unattainable; be unable to reach.
  8. Die; pass away; deteriorate.

failing, verbal adj. [see fail, v.] (webplay: afford, brave, death, die, entirely, eye, man, miss).

Dying; suffering.

failless, adj. [see fail, v.] (webplay: old, seasons).

Sure; secure; certain; definite; fixed; infallible; unable to fail.

failure, n. [see fail, v.] (webplay: die, man, wholly).

  1. Inability to achieve.
  2. Lacking the proper honor; iconoclastic attitude.

fain, adv. [OE.] (webplay: desire, pleased).

Glad; pleased; desirous; rejoiced.