Lexicon: fitting – flame

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fitting, verbal adj. [see fit, adj.]

  1. Suited; appropriate for.
  2. Phrase. “tight fitting”: snug; small in size.

five, adj. [OE.]

Fifth hour of the day; [fig.] late afternoon; early evening.

fix (-ed), v. [uncertain etymology; Webster says L. fixus.]

  1. Direct; aim; focus; [fig.] look; gaze; stare.
  2. Set; establish immovably; [fig.] recall; remember precisely; recollect exactly.

flag (-s), n. [OE.]

Banner; streamer; ensign; fabric swag of national colors; [word play] iris plant; funeral flower.

flag (-ged), v. [see flag, n.]

Faint; weaken; droop; sag; give up; lose vigor; stop moving forward; [fig.] despair; stop hoping.

flagon (-s, -'s), n. [ME.]

Jug; narrow-mouthed vessel used to hold liquids.

flail, n. [Ger.]

Instrument used for thrashing corn from the ear.

flake (-s), n. [OE.]

Snow crystal; small particle of snow.

flambeau (-x), n. [Fr. < L. flamma.]

Torch; streetlamp; light made of thick wicks covered with wax, used in the streets at night; [fig.] illumination.

flame (-'s), n. [L.]

Blaze; fire; heat; [fig.] passion.