Lexicon: flamingo – flaunt

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flamingo, n. [Sp.]

Pinkish-red bird.

flanked, adj. [Fr.]

Covered; enclosed.

flap, v. [Ger.]

Fly; move as with wings.

flare, n. [L.]

Blaze; sudden stream of fire.

flash, n. [Ger. blizten.]

Sudden burst of light; quick flare.

flashing, verbal n. [see flash, n.]

Shining; gleaming.

flask (-s), n. [L.]

Portable bottle; small container, used to hold wines or oils.

flatten (-s), v. [OFr flatir, to dash, hurl.]

Lie flat; make even with the surface.

flatter (-ed), v. [OFr.]

Satisfy; please; gratify the favor of a person.

flaunt (-ed), v. [Unknown origin.]

Show off; display proudly to gain attention.