Lexicon: flesh – flirt

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flesh, n. [OE human body.]

  1. Mortal life.
  2. Mortal body; mortal life.
  3. Skin; substance of the body.
  4. Body as distinguished from the soul.
  5. Phrase. “made Flesh”: incarnate; embodied; given a mortal body; brought to life as a human being (see John 1:14); [fig.] sanctified by mortal experience; transformed by real love into a sacrament of physical and spiritual food; [metaphor] pronounced; represented in speech sounds; spoken aloud in a particular language.

fleshless, adj. [see flesh, n.]

Bodiless; lacking flesh.

flicker (-ing), n. [OE.]

Fluttering; short irregular movement.

flicker (-s, -ed, -ing), v. [see flicker, n.]

  1. Waver; flutter; as of light.
  2. Toss; fluctuate.

flight (-s), n. [OE.]

  1. Act of flying or floating through the air.
  2. Journey; trip.
  3. Course in flight; route taken on a journey.
  4. Duration of time it takes for something to part, end, run out, or set (as of the sun).
  5. Actual end of a journey or course (as of death).

flinch, v. [OFr.]

Shrink; recoil; draw away; be startled.

fling (-s, -ing, flung), v. [poss. ON.]

  1. Throw; hurl; drop; send; place.
  2. Ask; implore; request; speak.
  3. Driven by violence; forced away.

flint (-s), n. [Sw.]

Hard quartz stone of a steely color that emits sparks when struck with steel.

flippant, adj. [prob. onomatopoeic.]

Relentless fluid dropping.

flirt, v. [onomatopoeic.]

Engage wantonly with quick movements.