Lexicon: fluently – focus

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fluently, adv. [see fluent, adj.]

Easily; in a flowing manner; [fig.] in flight; with a gliding motion.

flurriedly, adv. [onomatopoeic from “flurry”.]

Hurriedly; hastily; with a flutter; in a flurry.

flute (-s), n. [OFr.]

Wind instrument.

flutter (-ed, -ing), v. [OE 'float, flow'; see fleet, n.]

  1. Tread lightly; travel quickly.
  2. Fly; flicker; flitter; move quickly and gently on wings.
  3. Waft; stream; cause a stir; [fig.] shine; glint; glitter; twinkle.
  4. Breathe; respire; [fig.] expire; pass away.
  5. Flit; dart; flash; flee quickly and quietly.
  6. Phrase. “flutter out”: escape; leak; extinguish; overflow; press gently from.

fluttering, verbal adj. [see flutter, v.]

Trembling; quivering; tremulous; quavering; shivering.

fluttering, verbal n. [see flutter, v.]

Movement; constant gentle motion.

fly (flies), n. [OE.]

  1. Winged insect; bug of the zoological genus Musca with transparent wings.
  2. Nuisance; trivial; annoyance; harmless fact of life.
  3. Letter writer; correspondent in Nature; [personification].

fly (flew, flies), v. [OE.]

  1. Wing; take flight; move through the air; navigate by means of wings.
  2. Come and go; pass by rapidly; happen in a hurry.
  3. Flee; escape; leave; avoid some threat, peril, or danger.
  4. Flutter; wave about.
  5. Move; go; take steps; proceed forward.
  6. Leave; exit; depart; (see Isaiah 54:10).
  7. Die; expire; leave this life; pass to the other world.
  8. Lose importance.

flying, verbal adj. [see fly, v.]

  1. Act of moving or floating in the air.
  2. Act of fleeing peril or danger.

focus, n. [L. 'hearth, fireplace'.]

Object; purpose; destination; point of convergence; [fig.] quality of spiritual unity; completeness.