Lexicon: footman – ford

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footman (footmen), n. [see foot, n.]

Male servant; retainer in livery; man employed to attend to a master's carriage and serve in his house.

fop, n. [Fr. fat.]

Dandy; dude; coxcomb fellow; vain man; officiously gallant male; trifling silly person who overdresses.

for, conj. [OE; introduces a dependent or independent clause.]

  1. Lest; fearing that.
  2. Because; since.

for, prep. [OE; head for a prepositional phrase.]

  1. To help; to enhance; in order to benefit.
  2. To; about; towards.
  3. Toward; in the direction of; (see look, v., “look for” = seek).
  4. During; throughout; in the time period of.
  5. In memory of.
  6. Directed to.
  7. Appropriate to; merited by.
  8. With; that.
  9. To perform; in order to do.
  10. To have; to obtain.
  11. To please; in order to delight.
  12. The role of; the authority of; the stewardship of.
  13. To receive; to accept; to experience; to deal with.
  14. On behalf of; as a proxy of.
  15. Because of; in spite of.
  16. Regarding; concerning; related to; with regard to; in the aspect of.
  17. As; corresponding to; in place of; in the stead

forbid (-s), v. [OE.]

  1. Prohibit; interdict; command to forbear.
  2. Oppose; hinder; obstruct.

forbidden, verbal adj. [see forbid, v.]

Taboo; prohibited; proscribed; not be to eaten; not allowed for partaking.

force (-s), n. [Fr.]

  1. Strength; active power; vigor; might; energy.
  2. Momentum.
  3. That which causes an operation or moral effect.
  4. Moral power to convince the mind.
  5. Resources in war; armament; troops.
  6. Destiny; necessity; compulsion.
  7. Inner power.

force (-ed, -s, forcing), v. [see force, n.]

  1. Compel; coerce.
  2. Overpower by strength.
  3. Impel; press; drive; draw; push.

forcing, n. [see force, n.]

Pressing out of breath; difficulty in breathing.

ford, v. [OE place name.]

Pass through; get closer to the other side of something.