Lexicon: forebear – foreshadowed

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forebear (forebore), v. [OE, before enduring.]

Omitted; voluntarily avoided.

foreclose (-ed), v. [OE fore 'before' + L. claudere 'shut'.]

Take possession of; preclude.

foreclosing, verbal adj. [see foreclose, v.]

Precluding; bankrupting; preventing a return to a previous state.

forefather (-s), n. [Old Norse.]

Ancestor; [fig.] one who sets an example for those who follow.

forefinger, n. [OE fore + Gothic figgr.]

Main pointer; object that establishes directions or sets a pattern.

forehead (-s), n. [OE.]

  1. Blossom; bloom; corolla; whorl of petals at the top of a flower.
  2. Brow; upper area of the human face; part of the head above the eyes and below the hairline.
  3. Beginning; genesis; place of honor at forefront.
  4. Surface; curvature; [fig.] landscape.
  5. Station; status.
  6. Outline; silhouette; upper edge.
  7. Beginning; genesis; place of honor at forefront.
  8. Face; countenance; front surface of the human head.
  9. Disk of light; visible part of a heavenly body.
  10. Thought; mind; perspective; inner eye; point of view.
  11. Eyesight; vision.

foreign, adj. [OFr 'to go, depart'.]

Excluded; extraneous; not belonging; unconnected; from a different area.

foreigner (-s), n. [see foreign, adj.]

One who does not belong; one who comes from a distance.

foreignhood, n. [see foreign, adj.; ED neologism.]

Distance; alien status; exotic distinction.

foreshadowed, verbal adj. [OE fore + skadoian.]

Promised; prophesied; typified before; [fig.] auspicious; miraculous; heaven-sent; Providential.