Lexicon: forest – forge

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forest, a. [see forest, n.]

Phrase. “Forest Folk”: creatures who live in the trees or among the woods; [kenning] birds or insects.

forest (-s), n. [OFr < L. foris, outside.]

  1. Wood; grove of trees; [fig.] hope; dream of home.
  2. Plantation; plat of oak trees; [fig.] domain; dominion; further expanse.
  3. Group of trees; [fig.] thought; intelligence; truth; living creature; sentient being.
  4. Wilderness area; uncultivated section of nature; expanse of land bearing trees and other green plants.
  5. Living thing; organic mass of large plants that grow upward towards the light of day.
  6. Glade; dell; dingle; natural resort; place of shade; wildlife refuge; area in nature that can foster repose.
  7. Phrase. “Forest of the Dead”: cemetery; graveyard; burial ground.

forestall (-ing), v. [OE.]

Prevent; hinder; intercept; cut off.

foretold, verbal adj. [OE.]

Prophesied; predicted; already discussed; previously mentioned.

forever, adv. [OE; see ever.]

At all times; through endless ages; eternally.

forever, n. [OE; see ever.]

Ineffable span of time; eternity; infinity.

forevermore, adv. [OE; see ever.]

From now on; from this point onward.

forfeit, n. [see forfeit, v.]

That which is lost or given up because of some crime or offense.

forfeit (-ed), v. [L.]

Lose; give up because of some offense.

forge, n. [L.]

  1. Furnace for melting and refining metal.
  2. [Fig.] test of life; workings to become perfected.