Lexicon: fortress – founder

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fortress, n. [OFr forteresse, strength.]

Place fortified against attack.

fortunate, adj. [L.]

Successful; lucky.

fortune (-'s), n. [L.] (webplay: portion).

  1. Fate; destiny; power supposed to distribute the lots of life.
  2. Treasure; great wealth.
  3. Possessions.

forty, n. [OE.]

Four times ten; two score sailors; ten times four people.

forum (-s), n. [L.]

Public place; court; tribunal.

forward, adv. [OE.]

  1. Toward the future.
  2. Toward a place.

foul, adj. [OE Webster says Chaldee nabail, to defile.]

Detestable; vile.

found (-s, -ing, -eth, -ed), v. [Fr. < L.] (webplay: build, contract, descend, ground, groundwork, light a candle, race, stands, torrid zone).

  1. Create; construct.
  2. Build; construct; establish; [fig.] woven; knit; spun by a spider.
  3. Display; illuminate; bring to light; cause to appear; enable to see; [word play on “find”] help one to find.

founded, verbal adj. [see found, v.]

Established; set; molded; [fig.] refined; denoting a quality of permanence, especially preceded by a melting or refining process.

founder, n. [see found, v.]

Creator; maker; builder; generator; progenitor; author; poet.