Lexicon: founder – fracture

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founder (-ing, -ed, -s), v. [Fr.] (webplay: fall, ruinous).

Sink; capsize; collapse; [fig.] lose control, direction, or power.

fountain, n. [L.]

Source; origin.

four, adj. [OE.]

Two plus two in number; one and three others.

four, n. [OE.]

Two pairs of sailors; one and three other people.

fourscore, adj. [see score, n.]

Eighty; four times twenty years.

fourth, adj. [OE.]

Next after the third.

fox, n. [OE.]

Wild animal of the dog family.

foxglove (-'s), n. [OE foxes glofa.]

Common flowering plant.

fraction (-s), n. [L. fractus, break.] (webplay: part, whole).

  1. Very small part.
  2. Part as distinct from the whole.

fracture, n. [L.] (webplay: break).

  1. Break; crack.
  2. Appearance of being broken.