Lexicon: fracture – frantic

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fracture (-ed), v. [see fracture, n.]

Crack; break.

fractured, verbal adj. [see fracture, n.]

Cracked; not whole.

fragile, adj. [L. fragilis.]

Delicate; weak; easily broken.

fragrant, adj. [L. 'to smell'.]


frail, adj. [OFr < L. fragilis.]

  1. Weak; breakable; [fig.] mortal; subject to death.
  2. Fleet; brief; transient.

frame, n. [ON frame, furtherance, advancement, or OE fram, forward, from; see frame, v.] (webplay: house).

  1. Appearance; aspect; [fig.] gown; clothes; dress; robe.
  2. Support; enclosing structure; [fig.] anatomy; human body; mortal physique.
  3. Coffin; wooden box.
  4. Structure; wooden form of a house; timbers of an edifice fitted and joined.

frame, v. [OE framian, to be helpful or profitable, to make progress.]

Style; adorn; prepare; make ready for use.

frank, adj. [OFr < med. L. francus, free.]

Open; undisguised.

Frankfort, proper n. [Frankenfurt, ford of the Franks on the River Main.]

German city; center of tobacco trade; European metropolis famous for industry, commerce and finance; [fig.] Germanic; Teutonic.

frantic, adj. [OFr < L. < Gk phrenitike, affected with delirium.]

Wild; distracted; outrageous; raving.