Lexicon: fraud – freeze

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fraud, n. [OFr < L. fraus, deceit, injury.]

Deceit; deception; trick.

freckled, adj.

  1. Spotted; having small spots on the skin.
  2. Sprinkled; dappled.

free, adj. [OE.] (webplay: liberty).

  1. Available; accessible; approachable; conveniently located; open for use.
  2. Loose; discharged; unrestrained; at large.
  3. Liberated; no longer constrained; not under restraint; released from captivity, prison, or slavery.

free, adv. [see free, adj.]

Fully; amply; freely; generously; richly; copiously; fluently; [fig.] lyrically; melodiously; poetically.

free, n. [see free, adj.]

Unbound being; liberated one; emancipated person; soul released from bondage.

free, v. [see free, adj.]

Loose; release; liberate; emancipate; let go of.

freedom, n. [OE.]

Liberty; release from slavery; end of servitude; state of exemption from the control of another.

freedom, n. [see free, adj.]

Condition exempt from control or restraint.

freely, adv.

  1. Openly; broadly.
  2. Gratuitously; without cost; [fig.] obviously; clearly; indisputably.
  3. Randomly; capriciously; whimsically; without restraint; without scruple; like a dancer; in a light-hearted manner.

freeze (-ing, froze, frozen), v. [Sp.]

  1. Chill; be cold; shiver with cold; die by means of cold; become hard or rigid as a result of cold.
  2. Be stiff; be in shock.