Lexicon: freshet – frighten

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freshet (-s, -'s), n. [see fresh, adj.]

  1. Brook; current; rushing water; fast-moving stream.
  2. Fountain; spring; source of clean water.
  3. Flood; deluge; inundation; sudden downpour of rain.

fret (-ted), v. [OE, to eat.]

  1. Corrode; decay; wear away; [fig.] cry; whimper; weep; shed tears; be agitated.
  2. Rustle; stir; emit sound; move noisily; [fig.] whine; fuss.

fretting, verbal adj. [see fret, v.]

Tearful; upset; weeping; whimpering; agitated; irritated; troubled; restless; uncomfortable; [fig.] difficult; disturbing; troubling; confusing; upsetting.

friend (-s, -'s), n. [OE.] (webplay: company, enemy, favor, favorite, Judas).

  1. Acquaintance; fellow creature.
  2. Companion; comrade; associate; fellowman.
  3. Well-wisher; visitor; caller; neighbor; passerby; [fig.] intruder; person who interrupts.
  4. Beloved; darling; loved one; person held in regard.
  5. Compatriot; countryman; fellow citizen.
  6. Comforter; sympathizer; attendant; caretaker.
  7. Pal; buddy; chum; child; kinsman; [fig.] self.
  8. Considerate person; one of polite nature; gentle.
  9. Mentor; adviser; counselor.
  10. Familiar person; well-known entity; [fig.] consolation; comfort zone.
  11. Angel; guardian; defender; protector; [fig.] Deity; Spirit.
  12. Advocate; proponent; loyal ally.
  13. Supporter; peer; servant; mediator; exponent.
  14. Teacher; instructor.
  15. Trustee; colleague.
  16. Element; force of nature.

friendly, adj. [OE.]

  1. Kind; congenial; supportive; having qualities of a comrade.
  2. Positive; engaging; appealing; approachable; nonjudgmental; non-threatening; not hostile.

friendship, n. [OE.]

Affinity; affection; connection; close relationship; interpersonal association; denoting devotion and loyalty.

frigate (-s), n. [Fr.]

  1. Boat; sloop; brig; [fig.] tide; surf; wave; billow; breaker.
  2. Ship; vehicle for travel on the ocean; [fig.] sailor; crewman.
  3. Conveyance; water craft; small vessel; [fig.] transport; means of exploration; source of adventure.

fright, n. [OE.]

  1. Dread; apprehension.
  2. Fear; panic due to imminent danger; feeling caused by a sudden threat.

fright, v. [OE.]

Fear; panic; become afraid; experience a feeling of terror.

frighten (-ed), v. [see fright, n.]

  1. Startle; alarm; make fearful; cause to feel afraid.
  2. Scare; terrify; invoke fear.