Lexicon: frightened – frock

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frightened, verbal adj. [see fright, n.]

Scared; terrified; suddenly alarmed; bright with panic; charged with fear.

frigid, adj. [L.]

Cold; stiff; numb; frozen; [fig.] unaffectionate; dull; unanimated; dead; lifeless.

frill, n. [unknown.]

Ruff; collar of fine linen; [fig.] fringe of feathers around the neck of a bird.

frill (-ed), v. [see frill, n.]

  1. Primp; plume; preen; groom; dress with accessories; [fig.] blossom; unfold petals; display flowers; send out blooms.
  2. Array; ornament; deck; garnish; trim; dress up; prepare for celebration.

fringe (-s), n. [ME < OFr < L. fimbria, border, fringe.]

  1. Bloom; blossom; petal; edges of a flower.
  2. Trim; ornamental fabric margin; border of loose threads; frayed edge of cloth.

fringed, adj. [see fringe, n.]

Trimmed; bordered with threads; adorned with fine tassels.

frisk, v. [OFr.]

Leap; skip; frolic jovially; shift unexpectedly.

fritter (-s), v. [possibly L. frictus, fried.]

Dissipate; scatter; diminish; reduce; break up; fall into smaller pieces; [fig.] fade, as colors in a sunset.

fro, adv. [ON 'away'.]

From; away; back; backward.

frock (-s), n. [Fr. < unknown origin.]

Gown; smock; plain dress; loose-fitting outer wear.