Lexicon: full – funeral

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full, adv. [see full, adj.]

  1. Very; verily; truly; really.
  2. Completely; entirely; [fig.] surpassingly; extremely; exceptionally; extraordinarily.
  3. Directly; squarely; straight on; without glancing away.
  4. Panoramically; sweepingly; replete; having within its limits all that it can contain.

full, n. [see full, adj.]

Solstice; longest day; complete measure; utmost extent; highest state; topmost degree; maximum tilting toward the sun in the course of a year; day of most daylight in the northern hemisphere, usually June 20th or 21st.

fully, adv. [see full, adj.]

Completely; entirely.

fumble (-s, -d), v. [poss. OE folm.]

  1. Grope; move nervously; manage awkwardly; do something clumsily; make mistakes due to emotional stirring.
  2. Falter; waver; temporarily stop singing.
  3. Hesitate; speak haltingly; communicate without confidence.

fun, adj. [unknown.]

  1. Game; sport; joke; contest; competition.
  2. Amusement; diversion; mirth; playfulness; with good humor; [fig.] affection.

function, n. [OFr.]

  1. Purpose; design; aim; goal; program; objective; reason for existence.
  2. Necessary operation; essential process; performance of a vital organ; faculty of the body, mind, heart, or spirit; [word play on mathematical function] formula; equation; algebraic expression of quantity.
  3. Office; calling; role; obligation; [fig.] birth; regeneration; life force; source of power.

fund, n. [L.]

Stock; supply; capital; provision; [fig.] fount; source; quarry.

fundamental, adj. [Mod. L.]

  1. Long-lasting; permanent.
  2. Essential; important; imperishable; enduring; confirmable; verifiable.
  3. Elemental; unchangeable; eternal; everlasting; existential; perpetual; foundational; from the foundations of existence; according to the natural order of creation.
  4. Elementary; simple; primary; basic.

fundamental, adv. [see fundamental, adj.]

Truly; really; verily; reliably; primarily; principally; with good evidence.

funeral, n. [OFr.]

  1. Burial service; ceremony of remembrance for the dead.
  2. End; conclusion; finish; termination; farewell; formal goodbye; final leave-taking.
  3. Interment procession; burial cortege; grave retinue; [fig.] death.